yakiniku time @ genkaya

Boo-chan and I needed our meat fix for the week. We were walking around Shibuya all day, trying to run errands and do a little bit of shopping. As we were trying to decide what to eat, we passed by Genkaya, a yaki-niku restaurant that we had been to before. Before, as in 6-8 years ago. So we decided to retry it out.

I was surprised that they had a 290 yen menu filled with different types of meat–I definitely don’t remember it being THIS cheap. Anyways, we started with Salted Beef Tongue (牛タン塩焼き). It’s better to grill the meat that is seasoned with salt first. The beef tongue tastes best when dipped in lemon juice–perfection.


Boo-chan remembered he liked this Italian Basil Chicken(若鶏イタリアンバジル) so he had to order it. When I’m at yaki-niku, I strictly want beef and sometimes pork, but I have to say this chicken was quite tasty.


I forgot to take pics of our choregi salad. It was lightly seasoned with a salt flavored dressing. We had counter seats, next to each other and this was our little private grill for both of us to cook our meat on.


Time for the real meat–Original Kalbi with a Sweet Sauce (元祖カルビ たれ). The meat was so tender and yummy, so of course we had to order more plates (no pics of that, one is enough)!


We always get Chuck Steak (ロース) too. Hooray for seconds!


The Skirt Steak (ハラミ) was good, but a little on the chewy side.


I usually don’t order rice when I eat yaki-niku, but this time I ordered the Bibimbap in a Hot Stone Bowl (石焼ビビンバ). I forgot to take a picture before I mixed it up and spread the rice against the heated bowl. I love when the rice gets burnt and crunchy on the bottom.


Since I ordered the bibimbap, Boo-chan ordered a bowl of Garlic Rice (ガーリック ライス). I tasted it, it was fantastic and mixed with pieces of grilled garlic.


We ordered more meat and enjoyed talking and eating.  As we ate so much, I thought dessert was out of the questions, till I saw the menu.  So we decided to split the Caramel French Toast in Hot Stone Bowl (石焼キャラメルフレンチトースト). This was so delish! I hadn’t eat french toast in so long, and was glad we ordered it.


Boo-chan and I had a great meal, I was surprised that 290 yen yaki-niku could taste good. I’m sure we’ll back for more because it definitely satisfied out meat cravings! Yum!


ms fancy pants tokyo

  • Genkaya (げんかや 渋谷センター街店)
  • 30-3 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 4F Ume Yoshi Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 17:00-04:00
  • 03-3780-8026

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