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There was a tv program focusing on Shibuya (渋谷) on TV the other night, and Boo-chan and I watched it. There was a segment on a new cheap sushi place that seemed interesting so we decided to check it out. Uobei (魚ベイ) is a part of the Genki Sushi Group.

1. After this program, I knew Uobei was going to be crowded and sure enough it was. We gave our name at the counter , and lucky for us the line went quickly. 2. Each seat has a specific number which corresponds to their seat. The screen shows the open seats in blue (the pic was taken when we were leaving).

DSC_3635 DSC_3636

1. We were shown to our seats, which was in the last row.  Every seat was full.  2. We sat in Seats 81 and 82 and were given cards with the matching seat number to tally up how much we ate at the end.

DSC_3613 DSC_3615

Uobei is different from most cheap sushi places because it was not conveyor belt sushi.  1. The sushi is made to order. However, you can only order 3 items at one time which comes out on a tray (yes, I did order Shrimp Tempura Rolls えび天巻, 317 kcals).  2. Made us tea to start.

DSC_3618 2013-05-12-19-49-14_deco

I love how the computerized menu tells you how many kcals are in each dish–not that I am keeping track or anything. hahahha. 1.  The Toro Salmon (とろサーモン, 72 kcals) was good.  2. Boo-chan ordered Eel (煮あなご, 105 kcals). Looked good with the tare sauce.

2013-05-12-19-48-49_deco 2013-05-12-19-47-45_deco

1. Boo-chan ordered the Sea Urchin (うに, 74 kcals), he said it was okay.  2. We shared Crab Brains (カニみそ, 77 kcals) which tasted sweet but a tad fishy.

2013-05-12-19-49-28_deco 2013-05-12-19-50-56_deco

1. Boo-chan likes Engawa (えんがわ, 114 kcals) which was topped with yuzu wasabi.  2. This is my favorite, Scallops (帆立, 62 kcals). It tasted great.

2013-05-12-19-48-15_deco 2013-05-12-19-46-32_deco

1. Grilled Salmon (やきサーモン, 110 kcals) was delish.  2. Boo-chan had the special Aigamo Duck Topped with Onions and Salt Flavored Sauce (合鴨ねぎ塩たれ, 83 kcals)

2013-05-12-19-48-31_deco 2013-05-12-19-51-16_deco

1. Boo-chan and I shared Tuna Tataki with Onion Chili Oil (まぐろたたきねぎラー油, 135kcals). It was a litte to oniony for me.  2. Tuna (まぐろ, 93 kcals) tasted good.

2013-05-12-19-50-19_deco 2013-05-12-19-47-26_deco

1. I need something different from fish, so I ordered the Seafood Salad (海鮮サラダ, 103 kcals). It was tasty but i got the mini yellow fish eggs stuck between my teeth and there was a little too much mayonnaise for me.  2. Boo-chan had  Ankimo (あんきも, 148 kcals), which didn’t look so appetizing.

2013-05-12-19-50-35_deco 2013-05-12-19-50-03_deco

1. I had to order my Fried Squid Legs (げその唐揚げ, 197  kcals)–delish!  2.  Finished the night with Toro Salmon (とろサーモン, 72 kcals) again, on a good note!

2013-05-12-19-49-46_deco 2013-05-12-19-48-01_deco

We ordered so other dishes like clam miso soup and some other sushi. I was surprised at how packed this place was. Most of the sushi was only 105 yen– very very cheap. For the price, it was good. But the sushi rice tasted a little bit sweet, which Boo-chan and I both disliked. I would rather eat somewhere else if I had a choice, but it was nice to just try it out.


ms fancy pants tokyo

  • Uobei (魚ベイ)
  • 2-29-11 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Dai-6 Central Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-24:00
  • 03-3462-0241

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