quick lunch @ thai fest

Yesterday RiRi, Mr T and I went to check out the 2013 Thai Festival at Yoyogi Park (代々木公園). It’s one of the most popular two-day events in Tokyo. This year was no different, with various restaurants and booths selling fruits, drink, and thai related products.

The event draws in tens of thousands of people. The first day was rainy, so the second day was particularly crowded!

thaifest2013-poster image-714884

1. There were soooo many people there. RiRi and I could barely walk around to look at all the restaurants. 2. We finally gave up and stood in the line that looked the most delicious–Muay Thai House.  Mr T had trouble calling me as so many people were gathered in the same small area. Finally he met up with us. The sun was blazing, it was hard to stand in the line in the heat, with empty stomachs.

thaifestival_may12-thumb-450x336-5027 2013-05-12-13-07-55_deco

We finally got to the front. I felt like noodles and decided to have Pad Thai, which is stir fried pho noodles with veggies and shrimp garnished with peanuts, corriander, scallions and sakura shrimp. It was tasty!


RiRi had Gapao Rice which is stir fried chicken with basil on rice, served with a fried egg. She said it was yummy.


Somehow I forgot to take a pic of Mr T’s food. I think it was because we were standing under the blazing sun and were trying to get into the shade. We went underneath a tent but we had no table area to rest at. Anyways Mr T ordered  Khao Man Gai, which is steamed chicken and rice–very healthy. RiRi and Mr T displaying their food.


For some reason, we didn’t think about getting drinks at the time we ordered our food, so we were parched by the time we were done eating. So it was back into a different  line for drinks. It was way too crowded and hot for beer, so we decided to go for something sweet and refreshing.


We debated over getting fruits smoothies. 1. But we all decided to get tapiocca milk teas with ice cream. The milk tea tasted like regular milk with a very light hint of coconuts–a little disappointing. But the ice cream was coconut flavored and delish. I pushed the banana down into my drink and mashed it up. tasted better that way. 2. The three of us cooling down with our drinks!

DSC_3841 487577_10152807231535150_2034788674_n

Maybe because it was so hot and crowded we didn’t stick around after we finished our drinks. It took us forever to even get out of the place. Poor dogs and little kids, they must be scared with so many people around. This poor little kid couldn’t even walk normally because all he could see were legs around him. Finally, his father picked him up and put him on his shoulders. Anyways, it was a quick fun lunch at the Thai Fest, but that was all we could take. hahahah.


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • 2013 Thai Festival (タイ フェティバル 2013)
  • 2 Yoyogi Jinnan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Yoyogi Park Event Space
  • May 11-12, 2013 10:00-20:00

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