froyo @partyland

After the gym, I meet up with Yayoi to test the frozen yogurt out at Partyland (パーティーランド 渋谷スペイン坂店) in Shibuya. I always thought about trying this place and finally did. I love how the froyo (frozen yogurt) is “Healthy & Beauty.” The yogurt itself has many benefits to your health, and all Partyland yogurts are fat free and low calorie-YES!

1. Partyland is on the second floor of the Maru Hide Building. It’s hard to miss with its bright multi-colored sign.  2. The inside uses the same color scheme, its bright and cute.

AyDRNCuCIAAyoDp 2013-05-22-22-15-06_deco

1. Partyland has an easy system, it’s all self service. First you choose your CUP size, regular or large. Then you choose which FLAVOR you want. Next, you pick the TOPPINGs and finally you pay at the CASHIER.  2. Out of 20 flavors, there are 8 different flavors to choose from that constantly rotate.

2013-05-22-22-12-28_deco 2013-05-22-22-12-07_deco

Yayoi and I both chose regular sized cups. 1. She filled her cup up with Pomegranate & Raspberry, Chocolate and Strawberry Yogurt.


1. I choose 4 flavors; Pomegranate & Raspberry, Royal Milk Tea, Cheesecake and Pineapple.

2013-05-22-22-13-46_deco 2013-05-22-22-13-26_deco 2013-05-22-22-14-07_deco 2013-05-22-22-14-32_deco

1. Next it was topping time.  2. The left half of the topping stand was filled with various fresh fruits, nata de coco, aloe, and rice flour dumplings. Along with cookies in plastic colored bowls.

252320_10201222358780339_152341193_n DSC_3856

1. The right side was filled with cookies, candies, syrups and sprinkles–Yayoi getting her fill.  2. I wanted to eat aloe so that was the first topping I chose.

2013-05-22-22-11-31_deco 2013-05-22-22-10-56_deco

Ta-dah! Yayoi’s finished product–with sprinkles and strawberries.


My yogurt–with aloe, sprinkles, cookies, and mini choco cookie balls. I skimped on the toppings because I was more interested in the flavor of the yogurt. The pineapple was a little bit tart but tasted refreshing. My favorite was the cheesecake. It didn’t quite taste like cheesecake, but I liked the taste. The royal milk tea was right on, tasted like I was drinking it, and the pomegranate & raspberry was a little sour too, but I liked it.


I like the frozen yogurt, but I wasn’t sure if i needed all the toppings and what not. The price goes by weight, so I guess if you put too many toppings your froyo might turn into an expensive snack. Next time, I want try new flavors or just eat the cheesecake froyo. hahahha. What kind of healthy snacks do you like?


ms fancy pants tokyo & yogurt tom (partyland mascot)


  • Partyland (パーティーランド 渋谷スペイン坂店)
  • 13-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 2F Maru Hide Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00
  • 03-6416-5900

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