sandwiches @ fungo, apple pie @ granny smith

Today was such a beautiful day that I decided to skip the gym and go on a power walkin sesh with Ree-O. We mapped out an 8km course (roughly 5 miles). We split the walk up– 4km  walk, then lunch and then 4km back. I guess eating in the middle of it all kinda defeats the purpose but it couldn’t be helped, tee hee hee.

We walked from Shibuya Ward to Setagaya Ward. On the way we found so many cute restaurants and cafes that we will have to try another day. We first went to eat lunch at Fungo–which is famous for its sandwiches and hamburgers. It was blue and easy to spot. Behind the potted trees was a small section for outdoor seating.


1.  Ree-O and I decided to sit inside. The restaurant looked like a cute diner, with its checkered tile and simple white t-shirt work uniforms.  2. They had a special weekend lunch menu along with their regular menu.

2013-05-23-20-55-26_deco 2013-05-23-20-54-43_deco

I ordered the Holiday Lunch Set A: Sandwich with Turkey, Perilla and Terriyaki Sauce.  The set comes with a green salad, appetizer and either coffee or tea. I had my turkey on white bread. The terriyaki sauce was sweet but not overwhelming, and it was more jelly-like then saucy.  The appetizer was a light coleslaw with sausage without heavy mayonnaise–it was delish. My sandwich was great. I liked it cold, but think it would also taste great with a toasted bun or hot.


Ree-O had the Turkey & Cheese. She had a choice of bread; white, graham (wheat), Parisean (bagette) or rye.  Next she chose her cheese from red cheddar, monterey jack or emmentaler. She chose graham with red cheddar cheese and also ordered french fries. This looked good.


Both of our turkey sandwiches were healthy and simple. Next time I will try their burgers. Of course we saved room for dessert–we were walking so we thought, why not. They served Granny Smith Apple Pies. Granny Smith was their sister shop located across the street, which was strictly take out only. They served 4 types of apple pies; Dutch Crumble, Classic Rum Raisin, French D’mandes, and England Custard. They also had the option of having it with vanilla ice cream–we couldn’t resist!

I had the England Custard Apple Pie. It was sweet but not too sweet and the custard hit the spot. The flaky crispy pie crust was nice, and I was completely satisfied with my dessert! If you are custard type of person, this is def your best bet.


Ree-O had the Dutch Crumble. It was delish–I had a bite. It reminded me of apple crumble pies I had eaten in America. The used real molasses. This was delish, and was a little bit sweeter then the pie I ate. Both were equally good!


After we were done eating, we decided to drop by Granny Smith since it was right there. The shop is very cute. The actual pie shop is very small but was had a very cozy country feel with its all wood decor.

DSC_3903 2013-05-23-21-31-07_deco

All the pies looked so appetizing even though I had just devoured a slice on my own. They sold 7 different types of apple pies (the top two rows were the same as the ones sold in Fungo, the last row had 3 different flavors).


As I am such a NICE person, I decided to buy a slice for Boo-chan and bring it home. Although I wanted to get him the classic rum raisin (he loves rum raisin), I decided to go with the limited edition pie, Chocolate Banana Apple Pie, which was only sold from 4/30-5/19. The pie sounded perfect for chocolate lovers, and also included bananas, apples and custard.  It was actually really tasty, but I think the regular flavors might be better.

DSC_3905 DSC_3907

I had so much fun walking today. And I have to say I was so thrilled with our lunch selection! I definitely need to go back to both Fungo and Granny Smith again soon. For those of you who live far away, you can also order Granny Smith Apple Pies online–very convenient! Have a great weekend!


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Fungo
  • 1-40-10 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
  • Sun-Thurs 09:00-23:00
  • Fri-Sat 09:00-01:00am
  • 03-3795-1144
  • .
  • Granny Smith
  • 1-46-10 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00
  • 03-6805-3353

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