dean & deluca home kitchen

Who doesn’t like Dean & Deluca? Well Ree-O and I had heard that there was a Dean & Deluca Home Kitchen close-by, so we decided to check it out. This kitchen is nestled in a residential neighborhood between Sangenjaya (三軒茶屋) and Ikejiri Ohashi (池尻大橋), and blends into the rows of houses. It is a walk-up window, where you can see directly into the kitchen.

We arrived late in the afternoon, around 3:30-4 so the selection of breads and baked goods were limited. Many of the racks of breads were not for sale. We waited as the person ordered in front of us, and there were two ladies waiting after us. But no real line, although I heard that in the morning its crowded.


All of the breads and baked goods were cheaper then the regular store prices. Some buy 70 yen and other asa much as 100 yen. I oredered a chocolate muffin with oreo cookies on top. It was yummy!


The inside of the muffin.


I also ordered focaccia bread with cheese and tomatoes. I put this in the toaster and at it warm. It was fantastic. I also bought a potato focaccia bread but Boo-Chan ate before I could snap a pic. He took it to work and ate it as a snack, but I think it would have tasted better if it had been warmed.


I bought five different types of bread, but I didn’t take pictures of the rest—or I forgot to take pics before I ate them. Anyways, if you enjoy bread as much as I do, I would definitely make a trip out here as it’s cheap and delish! I don’t know how big the selection is in the morning, but next time I will try and come earlier to see. What type of breads and baked goods do you like best?


ms fancy pants tokyo

  • Dean & Deluca Home Kitchen (Laboratory 工房)
  • 1-19-12 Mishuku, Setagaya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Tatsumi Plaza Sangenjaya
  • Mon-Sun 09:00-17:00
  • 03-5432-7500

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