late night dinner @koibumi sakaba kappa shoto

Tonight Boo-chan and I were going to dinner with his friend. However, Boo-chan came home late from work and his friend Hori-san came over ever later so most of the places in the hood (Yoyogi-Hachiman) were already closing. I still don’t understand why most places close the kitchen 1 hr before the restaurant closes?? Anyways we walked more toward Shibuya and found Koibumi Sakaba Kappa Shoto (恋文酒場かっぱ松濤).

1. I always walk past Koibumi on my way to Shibuya (渋谷). Luckily, they had a special late night menu that caught our eye, so we decided to try it out. Even though it was a weeknight, surprisingly there were plenty of customers there.  2. Inside was colorful and very funky. The restaurant was two floors, we sat at a Japanese style table on the first floor.

DSC_3983 disp_144758

1. They have a regular menu, but this was the special late night set menu (深夜定食) which comes with a salad, miso soup and rice. There were 5 different main dishes to choose from.  2. We were hungry and thirty so we quickly ordered our drinks. Boo-chan had a beer, Hori-san was driving so he had an alcohol-free beer and I decided to have a Malibu Mojito. Kanpai (乾杯, cheers!). My malibu mojito was sooooo delish. It tasted like a refreshing coconut drink with hints or mint. It was sweeter then a regular mojito—just how I like!

DSC_3984 2013-05-23-23-30-54_deco

As a small appetizer (お通し) they gave us mascarpone cheese mixed with hiyayakko (冷や奴) or chilled tofu. It was served with a cracker, green onions and a dab of soy sauce. This sounded kinda gross but actually it tasted good.


Since it was so late, we were all starving. We ordered our individual set meals and also ordered a bunch of small dishes from the specialty menu (かっぱ名物). It included grilled cow tongue (タン塩焼き), which was fabulous! I love how it was served with lemon wedges and caramelized onions.


We also decided on oysters immersed in oil (カキのオイル漬け) which was recommended. The oysters were a tad smaller then I expected but they were tasty. It was best when you ate them together with the sliced onions.


The next dish I ate without thinking about what it was. Boo-chan and Hori-san were having a deep convo when this next dish came out. and I was so hungry I just started to eat it. Then it dawned on me, what is this? It was an assortment of raw meat: hearts, guts, stomach and tenderloin (生肉盛り合わせ). I decided to try it all. Obviously the tenderloin was the best. But I think I couldn’t eat it after I knew what it was. It was definitely interesting.


 The boys ordered the same late night set meal, pork bowl (豚丼). It came with an original sauce that is so good its addicting and topped with an egg. I stole a couple of bites of Boo-chan. Yummy!!!


I ordered the sashimi set (刺身定食). They get fish directly from Tsukiji Fish Market (築地直送). It was good, def way better then the raw meat. hahaha. But I love sashimi!!


Here is what the set looks like with rice, soup and salad.


I’m so glad that we went to Koibumi. It was a nice surprise to have set meals this late at night. And for the most part all of the food was great–but probably won’t order the raw meats again. So what new places have you tried recently?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my new fav drink


  • Koibumi Sakaba Kappa Shoto (恋文酒場かっぱ松濤)
  • 1-1-3 Shoto, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat 17:00-05:00
  • Sun/Holiday 15:00-24:00
  • 03-5453-2010

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