chloe paraty bag mishap

I have been looking for a new black bag for a while now and it seems that every time I go to buy a bag, I NEVER end up buying what I need. I always go in thinking about a black bag, but leave with a colored bag–hahaha. The last three bags I bought were all Givenchy in creme, blue and red. So while I was in Guam, Boo-chan finally reminded me what I was looking for, and now I am the PROUD owner of a new black bag–Chloe Paraty Medium Shopper Bag.


1. While I was in Guam, I went to the Chloe boutique in Tumon Sands. I had the best experience here, which included macaroons, cookies and coffee. The sales lady was so knowledgable about bags—not just about Chloe but many of their rivals too. I was debating between bags, but in the end decided on the Paraty Bag because it was light weight, versatile and I love shape.  2. And as an added bonus they gave me two Chloe coffee mugs.

TumonSandsPlaza-Ext1 DSC_4514

Anyways, so after buying my bag I didn’t use it until I came back to Tokyo. To be exact it was the day after we arrived, Boo-chan and I were having a nice lunch together. As we were leaving the restaurant, I went to pick up my bag and all of a sudden one of the handles comes off!!! I could NOT believe what had happened. This was my 4th Chloe bag, and this has NEVER EVER happened to any of my bags before. Not to mention this was the FIRST time I used the bag.

1. The handles are attached to the bag with gold hardware, and the screw that secures the strap to the hardware fell out.  2.  When I picked up my bag, I heard the small screw drop on the ground. The only problem was we couldn’t find the screw on the floor, and there were other customers in the restaurant so it was impossible to find.

DSC_4515 DSC_4519

I was shocked, and decided to take my bag back to the nearest Chloe–which was in Seibu Department Store in Shibuya (西武デパート渋谷店). We walked there directly from the restaurant, and as one of the handles was broken I used the shoulder strap. After arriving at Chloe, I found that the screw on the opposite side was also about to fall off. UNBELIEVABLE!! I had a faulty bag.

Chloe has a one year international warranty, so my bag was of course fixed for FREE! The only problem was it was going to take 2-3 weeks to be fixed. After ranting a little, I had no choice but to give them my bag and pray that it would be fixed quickly. Exactly two weeks later, it was fixed. So glad that I got it back and now I am using it like normal. Phew no more loose screws!

NMV1N4D_ax DSC_4516

 Overall, I was a little disappointed in Chloe, but I am glad my bag is fixed and is as good as new! Have you ever had any bag mishaps? What did you do?


ms fancy pants tokyo & one of my other chloe bags- paddington large tote


  • Chloe Guam (Tumon Sands Plaza)
  • 1270 Marine Drive, Tamuning Guam
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00
  • +1 (671) 646-4813
  • .
  • Seibu Department Store-Chloe (西武百貨店 渋谷店 クロエ)
  • 21-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 3F Seibu Department Store B-Kan
  • Mon-Sat 10:00-09:00, Sun 10:00-08:00
  • 03-5728-6506

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