yakiniku @ machida horumon oideya

My bestie Emiri from Hawaii was here, so I went to visit her in Machida (町田). Machida is in the western part of Tokyo, outside of the 23 Wards. It’s a fun area filled with tons of young people as it’s home to two universities.  It’s about a 30 minute train ride on the express (急行) from my place (yoyogi hachiman 代々木八幡), so good thing it’s on my train line–Odakyu Line (小田急線) so I don’t have to switch trains. Emiri and I caught up on much needed girl talk. Then we started to get hungry and decided we craved eat meat–hahahha!

I’m not familiar with this area, so we wandered around looking for a good place. Ray also ventured out with us and we found a place that seemed cute and in a newish building, Machida Horumon Oideya (町田ホルモンおいで屋).

DSC_4022 35_big
We were all so hungry so we quickly ordered our food and drinks. I love going to yakiniku because you grill your own meat, meaning the food comes out quickly. I ordered a tochiotome strawberry sour, Emiri had a collagen infused acerola sour and Ray had a beer. Cheers–welcome back to Japan Emiri!

With our drinks they brought out a small appetiser (お通し) for each of us. It was good, I liked the hijiki, okura and squid with fish eggs.


Now on to the important part–meat!! We ordered my fav–cow tongue (厚切り牛タン). It was a thick cut. Yummy!!


Emiri likes horumon so we ordered it too. Supposedly its the best horumon in Machida. I’m not a big fan of horumon but I like it when its overly grilled and more on the crunchy side. hahaha. But I feel like horumon has such a weird squishy texture.


We also ordered the family assortment which came with various veggies, meat–pork and beef and seafood. Even though I love meat, it was good to have grilled veggies and seafood to change up the mix.



We were so hungry, I forgot to take pics of the rest of our food–oops. I was grilling and eating and grilling and eating- hahaha. I love yakiniku!


By the time we left I was soooo stuffed.  Was happy to eat good food with even better company! When was the last time you ate yakiniku, korean bbq or any type of bbq? It’s definitely one of my faves!


ms fancy pants tokyo & machida station


  • Machida Horumon (町田ホルモンおいで屋)
  • 6-7-8 Haramachida, Machida City Tokyo
  • 3F Machida Tip’s Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 17:00-05:00
  • 042-724-9388

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