taking gel nails off at March Nail Salon (Shibuya)

I needed to get my nails done. This time I wanted to do something plain and basic. So it was off to March Nails in Shibuya (マーチ渋谷店).

I was excited to just do something simple for a change. Before I went to the salon I decided I wanted to do my nails one color with two nails with some sort of stone design. I like March Nails because their basic plan allows you to get glitter gradation nails or one color with two nails of stone art. You can add as many stones as you like (2本付け放題).

logo C000711924_349-262

For most people who never had gel nails, taking them off can be a long process. But it’s very similar to acrylic nails. After wiping your hand down with alcohol for sanitation reason, they ask you if there are any cuts or places that need to be treated specially. Then the off-process begins.

1. The nailist starts by shaving off the top layer of the gel and removing any stones on your nails. The head of the shaver is round. Then they soak a small piece of cotton in acetone, lay it on your nail and then wrap it in tin foil.  2. After a couple of minutes, they take off the foil and the gel should start to come loose. They use the shaving machine again to completely take off the excess gel.

DSC_3965 DSC_3966

Next the nailist uses a nail filer to smooth out the top of the nail and make sure that all gel is completely taken off. She also shapes my nails and cut them shorter–upon my request. I love long nails but they are not practical for typing on my computer and android.

1.  In order for the gel to stick to the surface of your nail they have to shave it again with a more sqaure tip. The surface must be ruff, not smooth. Don’t worry the shaving process doesn’t hurt at all. I think these are actually the same tools they use at the dentist office so there is that annoying drilling sound–hahah.  2. Since my nails grew, they use a special smaller thinner tip to shave this area around my nail bed.
DSC_3970 DSC_3972

That finished off the process of taking you gel nails off. I have actually removed my own gel nails but when you do it at the salon your nails stay healthy. I feel when I do it at my house they get weaker and I dont have the shaving tools so there is a lot of filing involved. It takes a lot more time too.

1. I chose a peachy pearl color with had gold glitter in it. But before they paint on the color, they first do a base gel coat on all my nails. Of course I have to put my nails in one had at a time in the UV lamp machine.


1. Next they paint my nails with the color I chose. After the first coat is on and dried in the UV lamp machine, it’s time for a second coat. Now it’s time for me to choose which 2 fingers I want to put a stone design on. I chose my ring finger on both hands.  2. I need to choose the design. They brought out many nails to help give me an idea. All the designs can be customized with the size, color and shape of the stones.

DSC_3974 DSC_3975

I didn’t choose a specific design from the samples. But I told the nailist that I wanted a large stone in the middle of my nail and then other stones around it. The middle stone is actually plastic. And came in many different colors and sizes. 1. We tried many sizes and I chose a salmon pinkish color center stone. 2. Then for the outer stones we tried man different color and sizes. And also tried placing then in different positions.Finally I chose bigger clear stone, medium pink stone, and a silver small stone. My design kinda looks like the sun.

DSC_3976 DSC_3977

After finishing my design, the nailist did the same design on my other hand. A final thicker top coat was painted on all of my nails. Then I dried them in the UV lamp machine. Yay for my new simple nails–I really like them!! (Sorry I somehow deleted the pic of my finished nails, so I had to take another pic, when they were already grown out…my apologies!!)



ms fancy pants tokyo & previous nails


  • March Nail Salon (マーチ渋谷店)
  • 2-10-14 Shibuy, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 7F Aoyama Alpha Bldg
  • Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 10:00-18:00
  • 03-6427-2833

2 thoughts on “taking gel nails off at March Nail Salon (Shibuya)

    • thanks katie!
      nail art is cheap. i usually pay between $30-$60 for my nails. of course it can cost more but i guess it depends on the design and how crazy you want your nails. but i have to say getting my nails done in japan is way better in the states, i think its more of an art form here. but pedicures are def better in america!

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