snack time @ brooklyn pancake house

Ree-O and I got a quick bite at Chiles Mexican Grill in Harajuku (原宿) for lunch. I had a delicious pibil pork burrito and an appletiser. Appletisers are refreshing but since it was so hot, it was a little too sweet for me. It did remind me of Martinelli’s sparking apple cider. Anyways after lunch, we hurried to Aoyama (青山) to hit this family sale of brand sunglasses and glasses. Gotta love sales!

2013-05-26-13-33-15_deco DSC_4043

After checking out the sale we walked back to Omotesando/Harajuku (表参道/原宿) area to meet up with RiRi. It was sooo hot that we first wanted to get ice cream. But so many people had the same idea and were lined up. Definitely didn’t want to wait in line to eat ice cream and then it eat outside. So we looked for a cafe instead.

Ree-O and RiRi still craved ice cream so we thought about getting milk shakes. Ree-O suggest the Great Burger, and then we remembered their sister shop, Brooklyn Pancake House (ブルックリンパンケーキハウス) had recently opened on May 23. So we headed there. Luckily, it was not crowded and we were seated immediately. The minute we sat down it started to get crowded–lucky for us we beat the crowds.

DSC_4057 Unknown

1. Unfortunately, they didn’t have milkshakes on the menu, the closest thing was smoothies. But since their sister shop is right around the corner, they brought them over. I needed something more refreshing and ordered a homemade lemonade. Cheers!! 2. My lemonade was perfect–not to sweet but not sour either. I thought it was so cute served in mason jar.

2013-05-26-16-47-40_deco DSC_4048

Ree-O and RiRi with their shakes! Ree-O got a chocolate one and RiRi kept it simple with a vanilla shake. I tried them both, and they were so thick, creamy and delish. I hate when milkshakes are runny so these were great! Ree-O had a chocolate one although it doesn’t look brown it tasted very chocolatey. They both said that they were the best milkshakes they had had in Tokyo–comes highly recommended.


We all wanted something to eat, so we decided to get waffles, actually I wanted them–hahah. I know this is a pancake house but for some reason I craved them.  1. The chef who was whipping up our caramel waffles topped with ice cream.  2. It was warm and divine! I love crispy waffles.

DSC_4047 DSC_4049

This shop is so cute, I really like the atmosphere. It’s nice that they have a small open terrace too. Next time, I will definitely try the pancakes. They had a large variety on the menu and I saw them carry the pancakes out to other tables, and they did look very appetizing. They also have other dishes on the menu besides breakfast food too. Anyways the three of us chatted away and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon together! Do you like breakfast food? Are you a pancakes or waffle kinda person?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my waffle


  • Brooklyn Pancake House (ブルックリンパンケーキハウス)
  • 6-14-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Mode S Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-20:00
  • 03-3409-2018

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