dinner @ red lobster

Boo-chan and I suddenly started to crave crab and lobster after watching TV, so we decided to randomly go to Red Lobster (レッド ロブスター). Red Lobster in America is considered to be a lower middle class restaurant–kinda on the ghetto side,  but here in Japan it’s surprisingly more on the expensive side, where a lobster can cost up to $95 USD. So it’s actually quite nice and clean.

It had been a super long time since I ate at Red Lobster in the states, and my first time in Japan. But I was excited to eat crab and lobster–two of my favorite things!! Boo-chan and I were seated immediately. There were quite a few people there but definitely not crowded–maybe because we were having a late dinner.

DSC_4100 DSC_4079

We were both pretty hungry, so we just started to ordering everything-hahahah. To start we both had the Lobster Bisque Soup (ロブスタービスクのパイ包み). It came out piping hot and delicious. The pie crust was all around the bottom of the dish too (I hate when places only put the pie crust on top)



In America, I remember their Cheddar Biscuits (チーズビスケット) being free, but I guess in Japan they aren’t. So we ordered some. They tasted good, but different from when I had them in the states. It was a long time ago so maybe my  memory was failing me??


On to the good stuff. Boo-chan and I shared 500g of hot Snow Crab (ズワイガニ)! It came out as a big puffy tin foil-like ball. Then you cut the tin foil and out comes steamy hot crab legs. I was in heaven–love me some crab leggies!


On to the main dishes, Boo-chan ordered the Red Lobster Seafood Combination Plate (レッドロブスターコンビプレート) which came with two sides of your choice. It comes with your choice or Paella (パエリア) or Shrimp Doria (シュリンプドリア).  And also your choice of Lobster Tail Grill (ロブスターティルグリル) or Shrimp with Mayonnaise Sauce (シュリンプ). The meat was Cut Steak (カットステーキ). I have to say the paella is yummy!!


Since we came to Red Lobster I had to order a live lobster! So first things first, I needed to decide on the size of lobster I wanted: regular, medium (メディアム) or large (ラージ). The waitress brought them out on a platter for me to see. As they were still alive the were trying to crawl off the plate. I decided on medium.


They had many different styles of cooking the lobster-oven baked, spicy, Chinese style or with mayonnaise sauce. But I noticed they had a Spanish inspired special menu. So I chose to Espana Style Oven Grilled Lobster (ライブロブスターのオブーン焼き エスパーニャ風). The lobster was seasoned with garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. It was very simple yet so divine! The crab claws were so tasty too.



For dessert we had an Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream (アップルコブラwithバニラアイスクリーム). This was a great end to our super fabulous meal! And as a plus, our main dishes came out a little late so they comped our dessert–YAY! I feel like that is a super “American” thing to do. So I was actually quite surprised they did it in Japan.


Our meal was oh so satisfying! I really really really LOVE crab and lobster, so this was definitely a fantastic meal. I was actually surprised that Red Lobster was this good. If you are craving seafood I would recommend going here. It not super nice but its nice enough to get quick seafood fix! When was the last time you had crab or lobster?


ms fancy pants tokyo & crab time!!


  • Red Lobster (レッド ロブスター)
  • 4-21-10 Kami-ikedai, Ota-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-24:00
  • 03-3726-7057

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