lunch@ bistro le man, dessert @ cafe de take

I hadn’t seen Nancy in a while so we decided to meet up for lunch in Omotesando (表参道). She had never been to Bistro le Man (ビストロ ル マン) and wanted to check it out—especially after reading my blogs about it. tee hee hee. I’m on a walking kick still and decided to walk from my house to the restaurant.

Luckily it was nice-ish weather, although a little on the hot side. The restaurant was crowded as usual, but we were seated right away. I love lunch there because its so reasonable and definitely delish! We sat in the front area, closest to the bar/kitchen counter–so I felt it was hotter then I wanted it to be.

p2 2013-03-29-23-13-31_deco

Nancy had the Hamburg Lunch (煮込みハンバーグランチ) with a smaller portion of rice (ライス少なめ). The hamburg might look small in the picture but it was actually really thick and juicy.


I had the Fish Lunch (魚ランチ) with with a smaller portion of rice (ライス少なめ) too. This was the first time I had this, and the fish was mighty tasty. Crispy skin on the outside and tender meat on the inside. It looks small but I was actually really full. I love all the fresh and cooked veggies they give, and the tomato was so sweet.


We were both super satisfied with our meals. We chatted for a bit then decided to get some dessert. We walked around Harajuku (原宿) for a bit, trying to decide where to go. Then we stumbled upon Cafe de Take (カフィド 武) and saw they had a big sweets menu and decided to check it out.

1. From the street side, Cafe de Take  looks very small, but it’s actually in the shape of an “L” so the back part of the restaurant is so big. The cafe itself is a little on the plain side, but the space is large and open  2. They had 12 different desserts on their sweets menu. And they also had a cake set –when you order a dessert it comes with a drink.

DSC_4108 DSC_4106

1. Before ordering Nancy and I noticed they had a display of some of their desserts. So we decided to take a peek. 2. We both had decided on our desserts and we both paired them with cafe lattes.

DSC_4105 DSC_4110

Nancy got the Banana Lemon Cream Pie (バナナ レモン クリーム パイ). The lemon cream was light and refreshing. It reminded me of a mixture of lemon meringue pie and banana cream pie—although that sounds like a weird combo it was good.


I dunno why, but the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (ホワイト チョコ とラスベリーのチーズケーキ) caught my eye. Maybe because the name reminds me of the one at the Cheesecake Factory in America. Anyways, I decided I must try it. It was moist and the cheesecake was smooth. It was super delish and definitely tasted similar to the Cheesecake Factory–too bad it wasn’t the same size. hahaha. But it was winner in my books! Yummy!


Nancy and I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting away. We were sooooo full from the great meal and desserts we had. I saw on TV that after you eat its important to walk at least 10 minutes. So I decided to walk home. The weather cooled down a lot so it felt great to be outside. These days the weather changes so easily from morning and night. So, what was the last sweet delicious thing you ate?


ms fancy pants tokyo


  • Bistro le Man (ビストロ ル マン)
  • 15-12-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Lunch Mon-Fri 12:00-15:30,  Sat-Sun/Holiday 12:00-17:00
  • Dinner Mon-Fri 18:00-23:00, Sat-Sun/Holiday 18:00-22:00
  • 03-6427-7143
  • .
  • Cafe de Take (カフィド 武)
  • 6-6-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 1F Harajuku Bell Pia
  • Mon-Thurs, Sun/ Holidays  12:00-22:00
  • Fri-Sat 12:00-23:00
  • 03-5778-3941

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