sweets at Joel Durand

**UPDATE** The store has closed on December 23, 2013. However, you can still buy online !! This post is a tad bit late—but better late then never right!! So Ree-O and I were trying to satisfy our sweet tooth while shopping in Ginza, and what better way then to go to Joel Durand (ジョエルデュラン銀座本店) in Ginza (銀座). […]

burgers at J.S. Burger (Harajuku)

Mr T and I wanted to enjoy the nice terrace-weather, but the restaurant we had planned to go to had a wedding party–bummer. So we were stranded in Omotesando/Harajuku (表参道/原宿) area and couldn’t decide what we were in the mood for.  So we walked around until something hit us.  And bam, it was time for […]

shabu-shabu dinner @ nabezo

Tiny and I love shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ), so we decided it was time to eat it again. For those of you who are wondering, shabu- shabu is a Japanese-style hot pot. It consists of thinly sliced meat, veggies  and dipping sauces.Me, Boo-chan, Tiny and Mr T went to Nabezo (鍋ぞう 渋谷センター街店). We all love Nabezo because it’s […]

girls lunch @eataly, cakes @2-3 cafe

Recently, I have been coming to Daikanyama (代官山) more and more.  Daikanyama is a very fashionable area filled with luxury boutiques, posh restaurants, sidewalk cafes and upscale pastry shops.  Although it’s in the center of Tokyo, rather than building high-tech superstructures it keeps its humble classic style.  And it seemed like the perfect place for […]