dinner @ soi 7

Boo-chan came home early from work so we decided to go out to dinner. It had been a while since we last ate at Soi 7 (ソイ ナナ) so we were excited to go there. I love Thai food and this place is literally across the street from my house and on top of that it’s really good too!

When we first arrived it was so crowded–go fig it’s delish right. But the restaurant looks like a small two-storied house.

soi7_3 DSC_4134

1. In the summer they open up the front for terrace like seating. 2. It even has a tatami style sit down area along with a large communal dinning table and regular tables.

DSC_4147 DSC_4146

We began with two appetizers. They are both my favorites. The first is Tod Mun Goong (トード マン クン), flavorful fried shrimp cakes served with a sweet chilli sauce. They were piping hot, and fantastic! But be careful not to burn you tongue.


Next we ordered Miang Gai (ミャンガイ), or lettuce wraps. It consists of ground chicken stir fried with lemongrass and herbs, and wrapped in fresh green pieces of lettuce. It comes with 6, but Boo-chan and I had already eaten one a piece before I could snap up a pic. hahahha.


Boo-chan wanted a meat dish so this time we ordered  Shichon Moo Tod (シーコン ムート) or  garlic fried pork spare ribs. They were so crispy and tasty.


We also ordered a rice dish, Tom Yun Koong Fried Rice. It was a little sour but I enjoy this dish.


Even though it didn’t seem like we ordered a lot we were both sooo full. I wanted to order a red or yellow curry but we couldn’t eat anymore. I love Thai food though and Soi 7 prepares and serves the food so quickly. I like that! When was the last time you had Thai or any ethnic food?


ms fancy pants tokyo & fresh spring rolls (previously ordered)


  • Soi 7 (ソイ ナナ)
  • 1-3-7 Uehara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun Lunch 11:45-14:45,  Dinner 18:00-24:00
  • 03-5454-1028

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