falafels @ kuumba du falafel

Ree-O and I were on our power walking kick again. Our regular routine consists of “walking” up an appetite,  eating lunch and then “walking” off what we ate. Sounds perfect right?! I was craving a falafel so we decided to do go to Kuumba du Falafel (クンバ ドゥ ファラフェル) in Shinsen (神泉).

1. Kuumba du Falafel is in a weird location off the main road which forks into another road. It’s in a discreet spot without any signs or advertising. Everything inside and out is very simple.  2. Inside they only have counter seating with many different teas, dried fruits and nuts in large jars lining the counter top.

DSC_4162 DSC_4151

I love this place, because they use always fresh veggies and have a lentil soup to die for.  1. I always end up ordering the same lunch set (ランチセット:ファラフェルサンド(ハーフ)とレンティルスープ(Sサイズ)のセット) EVERYTIME–I guess that means I really like it.  2. One of these days I will explore other things. I want to try the pita pizza next. But Ree-O and I have had the Hummus de plate before. I love hummus but I think their hummus tastes best in the falafel. It’s good but not as creamy as I usually like it when it comes to a dip.

DSC_4152 f0196802_17522728

My yummy, super healthy Lentil Soup (レンティルスープ), which is part of my lunch set! The bowl actually looks small in the pic, but it’s very deep. The soup is hearty and definitely fills you up. Since we were walking, I was a bit hesitant to order a hot soup since I was already hot, but it was perfect!


The rest of the lunch set is half of a Falafel (ファラフェル). As you can see this is loaded with fresh and grilled veggies. It looks so colorful and tastes just as good as it looks!


Another view–sorry I smashed down the hummus on the left with my fork after eating all the grilled eggplants. This pita is jam-packed with wonderfulness! But it can definitely get a bit messy when eating.


The falafels are all at the bottom and inside the pita so you cant actucally see them. I almost forgot to snap a pic of them, but I did at the very end when I was literally down to the last bite. So tasty, and so good!


I have been to the place many times, but one thing I never really noticed was how cold their service is (I only noticed this past time–or maybe I was too hungry to notice before). I mean the food is awesome, and they bring out everything fresh and quick, but I have to warn you the service is not so great. They aren’t rude, just unfriendly and quiet, but I guess the food speaks for itself! As long as you aren’t turned off by the staff, I would say this place is great! When was the last time you had a falafel?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my falafel in paris


  • Kuumba du Falafel (クンバ ドゥ ファラフェル)
  • 23-1 Shinsencho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat Lunch 11:30-14:30, Dinner 17:30-20:30
  • Sun 11:30-18:30
  • 03-6416-8396

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