lunching @ panzerotteria

While I was power-walking the other day in Shoto (松濤), I found this cute little restaurant that immediately caught my eye, Panzerotteria  (パンツェロッテリア). I love Italian food, and this was special because it was pizza folded in half and fried. It sounded dreamy, like a fried calzone–yum. Nancy and I were going to have lunch again and decided we needed to check it out.

Panzerotteria looks so cute with it’s yellow and white stripped sign. They have a single table for outdoor seating.

2013-06-28-22-27-54_deco 2013-06-28-22-28-39_deco

The inside is painted teal and accented with white crown moulding, white fixtures and white furniture. I know it’s hard to tell how dainty and charming the inside is because it was so sunny.

 2013-06-28-21-52-16_deco 2013-06-28-21-52-57_deco

1. The lunch menu was a little hard to understand at first. Nancy and I were interested in the Daily Lunch Specials (日替わりLunch). There were 3 different types of Panzerottis to choose from:  1. eggplant, mozzarella and tomato sauce,  2. penne, prosciutto and mozzarella cream sauce,  3. pork filet and fig sauce. The daily lunch specials come with a salad and  coffee or tea. 2. Nancy and I both ordered ice teas, and they brought out a bottle of olive oil and salt and pepper shakers.

2013-06-28-22-26-56_deco 2013-06-28-22-30-20_deco

Our salad came out in a large glass bowl. I loved all the bright colors of the veggies. We were told to season our salad with the extra virgin olive oil, rock salt and peppercorns. The olive oil was so light. I guess Nancy and I were used to heavy flavorful dressings that we really needed to dump more and more salt and pepper. I love eating plain raw veggies, but in a salad I think I prefer a stronger richer dressing.


Our panzerottis came out piping hot on a cute little wooden cutting board. It was already pre-cut in half. Of course both halves were different, one was mine and one was Nancy’s.


Nancy’s half was the eggplant, mozzarella and tomato sauce panzerotti. This one was the closest to a real pizza.


My half was the penne, prosciutto and mozzarella cream sauce panzerotti.  This was delish, although it was double packed with carbs because of the penne. It was heavier then the tomato sauce, but very tasty.


After we finished eating our first panzerottis, the next round was brought out. This time we both ordered the same one.2013-06-28-21-51-00_deco

We both enjoyed the pork filet and fig sauce panzerotti. We were both excited when we heard it came with a fig sauce. The pork filet was juicy and it was jam packed with shimeji mushrooms. I guess we expected the sauce to be sweeter or fuller tasting. It was more like a hint of fig. It was good but a little bit different then what I was expecting.


At the end of our meal we were both full, but felt like something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, the panzerottis were tasty but I guess we were expecting a little more. As the daily lunch panzerottis change, I want to try other ones. Next time I would like to try the dessert panzerottis–the hazelnut chocolate sounded delsih. When was the last time you ate something fresh and new?


ms fancy pants tokyo & some framed piggies on the wall


  • Panzerotteria  (パンツェロッテリア)
  • 2-14-12 Shoto, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Tues-Fri 12:00-14:30, 18:00-24:00
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 12:00-15:00, 18:00-24:00
  • 080-2675-7216

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