din din @ l’esprit

At the beginning of this year Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナマサ) wholesale supermarket  was opened across the street from my house in a luxury apartment building. The space above Hanamasa was open for rent and I saw that they were going to build a restaurant of some sort. So I was excited when L’esprit  (エスプリ) was built.

L’esprit is a cafe, boulangerie and brasserie. Ree-O and I had been eyeing it since their  May 29 opening, and finally we decided to have dinner there. The restaurant’s color scheme is grey and very relaxing. It reminds me of being on a nice patio deck–except it’s inside of course.

2013-06-29-21-42-17_deco 2013-06-29-21-39-37_deco

Ree-O and I skimmed the menu and decided we would split two appetizers and a whole roasted chicken. We first ordered  pate and a side of their homemade bread. It was good. I don’t like the fat that surrounds the pate though, even though its supposed to be the best part.


We ordered the Warm Veggie Salad with Anchovy Sauce (無農茶野菜の温製サラダ アンチョビソースがけ). This was good and reminded me of a warm version of Bagna Cauda.


On to the main dish. We had heard they had whole roasted chicken and wanted to try it. The chicken is season with 8 different spices; oregano, laurel, thyme, rosemary, ginger, garlic, white pepper and paprika.


The chicken took some time to cook, but we chatted and enjoyed our appetizers. They also have various magazines too, so we browsed through them. Our beautiful chicken, served with on a large metal pan. It vas fragrant because of he rosemary and was cooked with onions and potatoes.


We didn’t know how to cut our chicken, so luckily they cut it into pieces that were easy for us to eat. It was very tender and juicy but I think all the spices made it a tad bit salty. I think if paired with wine it would be perfect!  I loved the onions which tasted sweet and potatoes which were golden and crisp on the outside soft on the inside.


After we finished eating we decided to indulge in desserts. Hey we did go walking today. We heard from the waitress that they had a soufflé but unfortunately they don’t serve them at night—go fig.  I ordered the Creme Brulee. It was a lot larger then I expected, which is a good thing. I heart creme brulee!


Ree-O wanted to order a healthier dessert, she had the Micro-biotic Cheesecake. It didn’t sound that great to me. But I was interested in the taste. It tasted like a strawberry fig newton. It tasted way better then I thought it was going to taste.


Ree-O and I had a nice relaxing dinner. I liked the chicken but I think since we had a whole bird I think I was chickened out. Next time I want to try something else. Of course I also want to try the soufflé too. When was the last time you had a whole roasted chicken?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my chicken


  • L’esprit (エスプリ)
  • 35-20 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 2F Tomigaya Springs
  • Mon-Sun 8:30-22:30
  • 03-6804-9550

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