review: Marks & Web Herbal Bath Salts

I have been hooked on these herbal bath salts from Marks & Web (マークス アンド ウェブ) ever since I tried them back in March.  Marks & Web is a Japanese company that opened in 2000,  which creates botanical, organic and herbal products for everyday life.

Since I have been power walking a lot recently and stepping up my workout routine at the gym (spinning and trx rip), I have been indulging in baths. It definitely helps relax my muscles and soothes any aches or pains. Here are those wonderful bath salts I was give back in March.


Lemongrass is a limited edition herbal bath salt (240g). It smells so refreshing in the bath and you can still smell the lemony scent after you get out too. When filling the bath you fill the white cap full of bath salts and put two capfuls into the bath (about 40g). The bath salts help open your pores to cleanse the impurities and tighten your skin. And its recommended to fill the bath halfway and your body will slowly warm itself and you will begin to sweat.


Here are 5 other types of herbal bath salts that I tried: rosemary, lavender, mandarin, peppermint and germanium.


 My favorite is definitely peppermint. I love the way peppermint smells, the minty aroma helps relieve my stress and I feel energized. When I got out of the bath, my body felt a cool sensation, similar to rubbing icy hot cream on my bottom–hahaha. Because peppermint consists of mainly menthol, I felt it helped my sore legs after working out.  I liked these bath salts so much I went out and bought a jar of it.

DSC_4585 DSC_4586

The rosemary one smells exactly like the herb and reminds me of Aesop or John Masters products. It’s a woody pleasant smell. But I really enjoyed the mandarin because it smells like yuzu and tangerine oranges. The smell is rejuvenating. And I definitely still smelled the mandarin scent long after I got out of the bath. My skin felt so soft and supple.

DSC_4665 DSC_4630

I love taking baths with my Marks & Web herbal bath salts. They are organic and smell so great! My skin does feel softer and smoother after using them, and I am left feeling and smelling fresh and clean! I am not a big bather, even though I do enjoy it.  But recently I find myself taking baths more and more. If you are in Tokyo, I recommend trying these bath salts. They are perfect when you need a little “me” time!


ms fancy pants tokyo &  herbal body scrub (coveting)



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