friday night dinner @ TGI Fridays

Yesterday had a double date with my favorite boys Mr T and Fee. For some reason we always want to try somewhere knew but never end up actually doing it-hahaha. So we resorted to one of our American faves, TGI Fridays (T.G.I. フライデーズ) in Shibuya(渋谷) for din din.

It had been a long week for everyone so we all deserved some cold refreshing drinks–tee hee hee. 1. Fee had an Ultimate Strawberry Daiquiri and I had and Ice Cream Sandwich Blender Blaster.  2. Boo-chan got a beer, and Mr T had Fridays Margarita.

2013-05-23-20-52-36_deco 2013-05-23-20-53-23_deco

We started with some small plates: Broccolini Risotto Balls (ブロッコリー リゾット ボール).


The inside of the risotto balls were filled with tiny bits of broccoli, rice and cheese!! This was the first time I had had them and they were oh so good!


I recently tried Fried Green Beans (いんげんフライ) for the first time in Guam and totally loved the them. I want to make these at my house because they are so simple and yet so delish.


Boo-chan and Mr T both ordered the same delectable plate of ribs! There was a ribs special so half of the ribs were Jamaican style with a sweet salsa, and the other half was the Jack Daniel’s Glazed Ribs. Boo-chan and I shared his and they were both so good.


Boo-chan and I also shared the Cajun Chicken Salad. This is my favorite salad by far and it comes dressed with honey  mustard. I can eat this salad all the time, but maybe it’s not as healthy as I want it to be. hahaha


Fee got Chicken and Shrimp Diablo. I love fat noodles this looked delish!


No meal is complete with out dessert right!! So the four of us decided to split two desserts. The first one, Brownie Obsession. Love this because the brownies are warm and bite sized and the vanilla ice and chocolate and caramel sauce makes everything taste that much better.


And we ordered Friday’s Sundae. So good. Look at the whip cream heavenlyness–hahahah!!


Today was “fatty girl Friday” meaning it was time to pig out and that we did. I felt soooo full, definitely over ate. Tomorrow I hear the gym calling me name. hahaah. Anyways have a nice weekend!


ms fancy pants tokyo

  • TGI Fridays (T.G.I フライデーズ)
  • 1-19-3 Jinan, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 2F  High Manten Jinan Bldg
  • Mon-Thur, Sun, Holidays 11:30-24:00
  • Fri-Sat, day before Holiday 11:30-3:30am
  • 03-5459-3555

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