champagne brunch at Le Salon Jacques Borie

My pal Junko decided to take the day off work, and we met up for champagne brunch at Le Salon Jacques Borie (ル サロン ジャック ボリー) in Shinjuku (新宿). Le Salon Jaques Borie is a sister restaurant to Shiseido Parlour and Le Bistro Shiseido (read here, if you missed it). It’s located on the 4th floor of Isetan Deapartment (伊勢丹デパート).

Jacques Borie is a leading expert of French cuisine in Japan. The restaurant is modeled after his own personal salon. The service is impeccable, and its elegant environment is said to evoke the warm sunlight of Paris.

deb034e98425ae748c997cb73871432052583060. DSC_4440

Junko and I decided on a course, of course. 1. The Lunch Course Menu, Dejeuner Leger (デジュネ レジェ) or Light lunch.  2. We started the meal off with two glasses of champagne,  NV Ayala Brut Nature. Kampai (cheers)!

 640x640_rect_18714912 2013-06-10-12-19-43_deco

After ordering, we were quickly brought out a basket of warm fresh bread. There were 3 types; french baguette,  a rye bread with nuts and dried fruit, and a gougere or soft flaky puff pastry bread with cheese in the center. Anything with cheese scream EAT me–my fave of the three.


The Amuse Bouche (アミューズブーシュ) was a cold Corn Soup with shellfish jelly on top.  It was a delicious mix of sweet corn and salty shellfish jelly which created a rich flavorful soup. It definitely reminded me of the summer.


I love lobster, and this dish is no different. The Plat du Jour (本日のメインディッシュ) was Omar Lobster accompanied with sweet boiled apple slices. A separate sauce was accompanied, but I thought the dish was perfect as is. The lobster claw was so tender and sweet. Who would have thought it would taste so good with apples.


Here’s a closer look at this delectable dish. I definitely want to eat this Omar Lobster again.


Here is the dipping sauce, it was pureed carrots and sweet potatoes. It was good, but I like the Omar Lobster as is. I didn’t think it needed the sauce, but i did try a couple bites with it.


Dessert (デセール) was a Savarin with fresh creme, Opera Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream. The sponge cake was completely soaked in rum and when you cut through the cake, you could literally see how moist it was.  The opera cake was a little too sweet for me but I paired it with the vanilla ice cream which evened it out. I was happy with this dessert plate.


We had our choice of either coffee or tea. Since the desserts were so sweet, I ended the meal with Fresh Herbal Tea.


This was such a satisfying lunch!! I love how it was a Monday and we were drinking and relaxing and just enjoying our meal while we caught up. When was the last time you had a slow lunch on a weekday?


ms fancy pants tokyo & fresh marshmallows that accompanied my tea.


  • Le Salon Jacques Borie (ル サロン ジャック ボリー)
  • 3-14-1 Shinjuku , Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
  • 4F Isetan Department Store Shinjuku Branch
  • Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00
  • 03-5363-5688

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