burgers at J.S. Burger (Harajuku)

Mr T and I wanted to enjoy the nice terrace-weather, but the restaurant we had planned to go to had a wedding party–bummer. So we were stranded in Omotesando/Harajuku (表参道/原宿) area and couldn’t decide what we were in the mood for.  So we walked around until something hit us.  And bam, it was time for  juicy burgers  at J.S. Burger Cafe (ジェイ エス バーガーズ カフェ 原宿店).

This American style burger joint is part of the fashion line Journal Standard. Although it’s hidden on the second floor, it’s still quiet popular. Their burgers are legit with meaty thick patties and fresh veggies. The inside of the restaurant has a California surfer laid-back feel.

Mr T had a long hard day and wasn’t messing around with his drink–Corona  time!! I was super thirsty and hungry for that matter and settled with a boring ice tea–tee hee hee.  2. Mr T chillaxing. I think we were their last customers for the night. Usually its packed.

2013-10-13-18-51-41_deco 2013-10-13-18-50-18_deco

The menu is quite simple.  1. You choose one of the 9 delicious burgers.  Then you can decide if you want singly or as a holiday set.  2. There are two Holiday Sets; A and B.  Set A includes your choice of burger–regular size, 1 extra topping, large order of seasoned fries, and a large drink.  Set B includes  your choice of burger–regular size, regular order of seasoned fries, a half size cheesecake or chocolate cake and regular drink.

2013-10-13-19-05-32_deco 2013-10-13-19-05-01_deco

Since I didn’t need an extra topping or the sweets, so went with the simple drink set.  1. The drink set comes with regular seasoned fries and either a large cold drink or regular hot drink. You can also upgrade your fries to large for ¥100.  2. With the drink set you can choose if you want a small size or regular size burger.

2013-10-13-18-51-10_deco 2013-10-13-19-05-52_deco

Mr T ordered the Chili Burger  with fries (チリバーガー ポテト付き). They simmer the chili for a long time to create their original chili sauce.  From what Mr T said it was fantastic!!


I was craving an egg for some reason and went with the Bacon Egg Burger with fries (ベーコン エッグ バーガー  ポテト付き).  This burger is so delish. Although I am not a big fan of mayonnaise, I forgot to tell them to take it off, but even with it, it was ever so delish!! Not to mention I love these seasoned fries. They remind me of curly fries in America–except they aren’t curly of course.


I love burgers! And I would have to say that J.S. Burger is one of my faves. The patties are juicy and filling and their  fries are awesome. It’s an all around crowd pleaser in my books!! What type of burgers do you like?


ms fancy pants tokyo & the giant sundae we devoured right after!


  • J.S. Burger Cafe (ジェイ エス バーガーズ カフェ 原宿店)
  • 6-6-2 Jinguemae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo 2F
  • Mon-Fri  11:30-23:00
  • Sat  11:00-23:00,  Sun/Holiday  11:00-22:00
  • 03-6418-2586

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