sweets at Joel Durand

**UPDATE** The store has closed on December 23, 2013. However, you can still buy online !!

This post is a tad bit late—but better late then never right!! So Ree-O and I were trying to satisfy our sweet tooth while shopping in Ginza, and what better way then to go to Joel Durand (ジョエルデュラン銀座本店) in Ginza (銀座).

Joel Durand is a famous Chocolatier of Saint-Remy de Provence. He gained fame with his “Alphabet des Saveurs” (alphabet of flavors), which are 26 chocolates representing the 26 letters in the alphabet. His also does seasonal chocolates depicting punctuation marks.  His chocolates are harmoniously blended with different spices, herbs and flowers to give them a distinct delicious flavor.

2014-01-09-22-38-32_deco 2014-01-09-22-26-32_deco

The first floor is the chocolate shop, and the 2nd floor is the Cafe area. The Cafe was cute an cozy.
2014-01-09-22-28-26_deco  2014-01-09-22-27-45_deco

Since it’s was so hot outside we decided to try one of his popular “liegeois” (parfait).  1. The menu was brought to us on a chalk board.  2. Close up of the Parfait Menu.  There were 6 types of parfaits to choose from.  Black Chocolate “A” , Orange “O” , Salty Caramel “C” , Violet “V” , Peach “♥” and Lemon “H”.

2014-01-09-22-37-10_deco  2014-01-09-22-36-33_deco

Ree-O got the most popular Orange “O”, and I got the standard Black Chocolate “A”.  The parfaits were topped with the coordinating alphabet flavor of chocolate. “O” for Orange, which is 66% cacao and “A” for Carupano, which is 70% cacao.

 2014-01-09-22-32-36_deco 2014-01-09-22-31-58_deco

The parfaits were deliciously rich. They were both made with dark chocolate and weren’t overly sweet. It was definitely a parfait made for adults. Ree-O was so full she couldn’t eat her piece of chocolate, so I did! The Orange was very strong but blended well with the chocolate. My Carupano chocolate was more on the bitter side.

2014-01-09-22-29-50_deco  2014-01-09-22-29-04_deco

Our parfaits definitely hit the spot. Ree-O and I were ready to hit the shops with our new found energy! So what kind of chocolate do you like? Sweet or Bitter? Do you like fruit infused chocolate, ones with nuts or plain?


ms fancy pant tokyo & a giant T “tiramisu” chocolate


  • Joel Durand Provence (ジョエルデュラン銀座本店)
  • 5-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sun 11:00-21:00
  • 03-6251-9707

7 thoughts on “sweets at Joel Durand

    • Hi Olga. Thank you for visiting my blog. Sorry for the late response, I thought I had already responded to this message but it didn’t go throughout the first time. I don’t know the exact reason why the store was closed. Japanese people love chocolate. As far as I know, there are no plans to re-open the store. I guess if you would like to visit one of the shops, your best bet is to go to France. Or you can always order their sweets online. Hope this helps

      • Hi! Thank you for your reply! I can see in your photos of Joel Durand’s cafe, there are a very beautiful boxes! Color is so nice! You have a nice menu too, where clients can see what chocolates they can choose. But i did not see the same boxes and menu in Joel Durand’s shop in France. Have you done them in Japan?

      • Hello Dear! Thank you! Yes we can buy chocolates, but i mean that in your shop in Japan you have beautiful pink boxes and Alphabet list for client. So i would like to ask: did you buy them from France or these made in Japan? Best Regards!

      • Hi Olga, this is not my personal shop. I am just a food blogger in Tokyo. But I am sure the alphabet lists for clients were made by Joel Durand for Japan, to help explain each chocolate. As each country and market is a little different, they might not have the exact same menus or designs as in another country. I have never been to the shop in France so I don’t what they have versus what Japan had.

      • Hi dear! I do not know your name. Thank you very much for you assist and answers! I wish you all the best!

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