festive winter nails at March Nail Salon (Shibuya)

It’s the winter—and you know what that means, time for winter nails!! So it was off to my favorite nail salon March Nails Shibuya (マーチ渋谷店).

I have an obsession with red, and I decided beforehand that I wanted to have red nails. I thought it was festive for the holidays, and it’s an easy color to match with clothes. Having all red nails is fine, but I wanted to spruce it up with a hounds tooth pattern (千鳥柄、chidori gara) on a couple nails.

1.  Hound’s Tooth houndstooth-blk_preview

After cutting, shaping and prepping my nails we were finally ready to begin. 1. My nailist put the first clear gel base coat on all my nails. I debated on the shade of red I wanted, and decided on deep red rather then a brighter cherry red. 2. Next,  7 nails were painted wine red (ワインレッド)–excluding my pointer finger (right hand) and thumb and ring finger (left hand).

photo 3 photo 2

Next it was time to add the hounds tooth pattern. I didn’t want to cover my entire nail with that print, as I thought it was too much. So I decided to it backwards french (逆フレンチ) where 1/2 of my nail is covered. 1. First the base is painted white.  2. In order to get the hounds tooth effect black lines are painted vertically.

photo 1 photo 4

1. Then white lines are painted horizontally across the black and white stripes to create black squares.  2. To finish off the hounds tooth, my nailist adds extra black lines to elongate the black squares on my nails (sorry the pic is blurry)

photo 5 photo 4

1. After my three nails are done, I line the bottom with silver glitter.  But my nails are not finished just yet.  2. On my thumb (right hand) and middle finger (left hand) I wanted to create a large design with stones. So I used different sizes and colors of stones to the pattern I wanted. I also added two stones to the other five nails that were remaining.

photo 2 photo 3

The finished product–left hand and right hand ! With the lighting, it’s hard to tell, but my nails are definitely wine red. They are festive and now my hands are ready for winter!!

photo 1 photo 2

I love getting my nails–makes you instantly feel happy. So when was the last time you hit the salon? What kind of winter designs are on your nails? Please share you nails and ideas with me!

xxxo, ms fancy pants tokyo & my nails

photo 1

  • March Nails Shibuya (マーチ渋谷店)
  • 2-10-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • 7F Aoyama Alpha Bldg
  • Mon-Fri 10:00-21:00
  • Sat-Sun/Holiday 10:00-18:30
  • 03-6427-2833
  • http://www.nailsalon-march.com

2 thoughts on “festive winter nails at March Nail Salon (Shibuya)

  1. Your nails look awesome! I’m going to Tokyo in a few days and I’m wondering, do they speak English at all at this salon? Also, is it easy to access on foot? Thank you!

    • Hi Meowsie! Thank you for reading my blog. Ummm, to be honest I am not sure if all the staff can speak English, but I am sure some do or atleast broken English (I speak Japanese). They have an April month nail book which you can look through to get a design that you want. Then after you choose the design you can change the nail color and also the color of the stones as well as which nails you want with which design. Its rather easy if you choose one of their designs. Then you can customize it to what you want. This salon is very reasonable and it close to Shibuya Station or Omotesando Station. This article might help you with the language too. https://msfancypantstokyo.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/nails-101-in-japan/ If you have any more questions please ask me!

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