happy holidays 2013-2014

Happy New Year!!! Yes, I know…..I am totally aware it’s January 21rst! But like they say, better late then never right. So I am sure everyone has had a  fantabulous new years holiday right?  I’m going on year two of my blog–minus the fact that I was MIA for about 6 months, oops. I apologize […]

simple winter nails at March Nail Salon (Shibuya)

So after the holidays, I was getting tired of the red and just wanted to do something plain. I decided to just do the regular course at my favorite nail salon March Nails Shibuya (マーチ渋谷店). The regular course consists of using your natural nails (自爪、jizume), one nail color (ワンカラ) or glitter gradation (ラメグラデーション), and 2 nails with […]

lunch at Ukibukuro

Ree-O and I were craving something on the healthier side. So what better, then to eat fish at Ukibukuro (鰾/うきぶくろ). They receive fresh fish and seafood daily from Tsukiji Fish Market.  You can order grilled (焼き魚), steamed (煮る) or raw fish (刺身), along with a variety of seafood and donburis (丼). They only serve lunch on the […]