lunch at Ukibukuro

Ree-O and I were craving something on the healthier side. So what better, then to eat fish at Ukibukuro (鰾/うきぶくろ). They receive fresh fish and seafood daily from Tsukiji Fish Market.  You can order grilled (焼き魚), steamed (煮る) or raw fish (刺身), along with a variety of seafood and donburis (丼).

They only serve lunch on the weekends, so it was a popular spot. The restaurant is not on the main road, but it sure does get a lot of foot traffic. On the very right had side of the restaurant you can see a window were they grill the fish. They also serve a variety of Japanese sake and alcohol.

photo 10 photo 3

We were seated and started to look at the menus. The first menu was the lunch menu for today only (本日のランチ) and consisted of grilled fish. There were also daily specials (日替). The second menu was their regular weekend lunch menu. We were both trying to decide wether we wanted to eat grilled fish or raw fish.

photo 1 photo 2

I decided I wanted to eat raw fish. I love uni, and so I knew I had to order the Maguro Zanmai topped with Uni and Ikura Donburi (マグロ三昧、一寸うにいくら入丼)。Magura Zanmai is 3 different types of raw tuna. Uni is sea urchin and ikura is salmon roe. This is a set menu and came with salad, boiled veggies, pickles and miso soup. I loved the miso soup, especially bc it had tons of daikon (Japanese radish) in it.

photo 5

photo 4

Ree-O debated over what she wanted and finally settled with the Pickled Yellowtail Donburi (寒ブリ漬け丼) from the daily specials. It was also served as a set and came with salad, boiled veggies, pickles and miso soup.

photo 6photo 7

Our food was so good and definitely hit the spot! It was not only tasty but healthy too. Two of my favorite things.  We drank hot tea and relaxed as they cleared our table.  Then we were pleasantly surprised with a teeny tiny cute little bowl of mango pudding. It was enough to get rid of the fish taste left in my mouth. In the pic it looks big, but in actuality its very small. And for those of you social media fans, if you check into Ukibukuro, you can get 100Yen discount when you pay.  Definitely worth doing!

photo 9

I love sashimi style donburis. Very satisfying and worth even yen! I will definitely be back here soon. Too bad they aren’t opened on weekdays for lunch. So what type of seafood dishes do you like to eat? Do you like them grilled, steamed or raw?


ms fancy pants tokyo & my empty donburi–sooo good!

photo 8

  • Ukibukuro (鰾/うきぶくろ)
  • 3-22-5 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Lunch   Sat-Sun 11:30-15:00
  • Dinner  Tue-Thurs, Sun, Holiday  17:00-00:00, Sat-Sun 17:00-02:00
  • 03-5790-9377

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