happy holidays 2013-2014

Happy New Year!!! Yes, I know…..I am totally aware it’s January 21rst! But like they say, better late then never right.
So I am sure everyone has had a  fantabulous new years holiday right?  I’m going on year two of my blog–minus the fact that I was MIA for about 6 months, oops. I apologize for that. But this year, I promise to update more often throughout the whole year, not just the first half.

So here is a quick run-down of my holidays–I was on vacay for a little over a month.  I flew out to Hawaii to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with Emiri. We hit up the beach, hotel pools and tried to go to Black Friday Sales–which were non-existent in my books. Mainland shopping is where it’s at. Met my other bestie from uni and her cute little toddler too.

1. Me and Emiri gittin our tan on!! Me: BIKINI//Etro (Purple Paisley)  SUNGLASSES//Rayban
2. The ever-so-gorgeous Waikiki Beach.

1468632_10151731960831389_240721014_n 936060_10151739598831389_827031055_n

3. Haru-chan the cutest two year old I know.
4. Me and Meems at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel’s Infinity pool. Love those floating orange bean bags.
Me: BIKINI//Etro (Multi-colored Bikini)  SUNGLASSES//Rayban

559862_10151736258746389_1664137427_n 599271_10151740711146389_1751941942_n

Then from there I flew from my winter paradise to freezing cold Seattle (-4℃/25°F) to see my sis, her hubs and Dig Dug!! I love their house–I wish I could have an “American-sized” house in Tokyo. Also ate me some wonderful seafood!!

1. My beautiful sis, and her hubs
2. The amazing brindle frenchie, Dig Dug. He loves to be snuggled up in blankets sporting his souvenir from Mexico
557669_10151782694206389_1107829128_n 1476404_10151747427521389_176382041_n

3. Their amazing house.
4. Can’t go to Seattle without eating some deliciously fresh fish and chips at Seattle Fish Company!

317842_10150392434696115_1991333908_n photo

Seattle was a quick trip, then headed to Vegas to see my family and enjoy the Christmas holidays. My sis and her hubs were headed to vegas for the holidays too!  The time went by so fast, was a blur of fine dining and marathon shopping!!

1. Love shopping at Caesars Palace Forum Shops. Marc by Marc Jacobs–one of my faves!
2. Sunday brunching at MOzen Bistro at Mandarin Oriental.
IMG_2360 IMG_2366
3. Our little frenchie: Mr Bentley!! He’s a bit camera shy.
4. Me and my Mama
IMG_1367 IMG_2365

4. Christmas Brunch (Thanksgiving style)
5. Christmas Dinner at Benihana. Heaven on a plate–lobster, scallops and shrimp!!

IMG_2364 IMG_2361

Vegas went by quickly, and I was off to LA to visit my friend Tay-lee. We have been friends since the 7th grade. The weather was gorgeous! LA is definitely growing on me!

1. Tay-lee and me circa 2001–oops forgot to take pics together this time.
2. Went to Korean BBQ at Moodaepo in K-town. I love beef wrapped in this mochi rice paper with seasoned cabbage. So delish!

photo 1 photo 3
3. Yes, everyone I know owns a frenchie!! Meet Henry.
4. The best creme puffs around. Made fresh at Beard Papa.

photo 2 photo 4

I was enjoying the perfect southern cal weather and didn’t wanna go home. But I missed my Boo-chan and couldn’t wait to see him. So I hopped on the plane and was ready to battle the cold again.

Was pleasantly greeted by Mt Fuji–felt good to finally be home and sleep in my own bed again.
I flew home on the 30th. So I had one day to get back on Tokyo time. Then it was time to celebrate New Year’s Eve. About 12 friends and I decided to go to Shangri-la Hotel to ring in the new year. But before those festivities could begin, we had to start with tradition.

1. For dinner Me, Boo-chan, RiRi and Ree-O ate Toshi-koshi Soba (年越しそば) at my house for good luck and longevity. (If you missed out on the explanation check here!)  2. Close up of our with shrimp tempura and kake-age.
1530599_10151792123391389_807272561_n 1549478_10152073420043449_203825515_n
Then it was time to get ready for dancing the night away.  3. Boo-chan and I
Boo-chan: BOWTIE//Etro  SHIRT//Dolce & Gabanna Gold  SWEATER//Burberry
Me:  NECKLACE//J Crew  DRESS//Rachel Roy  LIPSTICK//Chanel


So we hopped on the train and made our way to Shangr-la Hotel. It was a big countdown party with three different rooms, with many DJs and events going on. The event was sponsored by Moet-Hennessy.

1. Somehow didn’t get  full group shot, but most of us.  2. Me and Emiri

1558532_10151793343641389_2097095872_n 1536744_10151793343706389_1781272123_n
3. Who loves Moet?  4. Some of the boyz!

1479249_10151793343481389_623917529_n 1499650_10103900331381565_415418188_n

We danced and drank the night away. But the next morning was filled with more traditional activities..

1. RiRi and I made Ozoni (お雑煮). We ate it and just relaxed for a bit.
1555443_10151793881171389_1969999843_n 1501825_10151793881136389_1042900211_n
The three of us met up with Ree-O and headed to Yoyogi Hachiman Shrine(代々木八幡神宮) for Hatsumode (初詣). We usually go at night time because it’s less crowded, but this year we went in the afternoon. But the crowds weren’t as bad as we had expected—phew!!

So after visiting the shrine, we all came back to my house for a small dinner party with Mr T too. This was the perfect ending to my glorious one month vacay!! S how did you spend the holidays? Just wanted to wish you a happy healthy prosperous new year!!

ms fancy pants tokyo & moet


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