lunch at Uokan

It’s hard to find good fish shops in the middle of Shibuya. Boo-chan and I were craving sushi or sashimi. While we were roaming the streets running some errands, we stumbled across Uokan (魚貫) on Spain-zaka. We had never been there before, so we decided to try it.

The entrance is hidden, and it’s actually on the second floor.  The huge menu signs are what caught our attention. I wonder why I never noticed it until today?

photo 8 photo 7

Inside was crowded, which is always a good sign.  We had looked at the menus outside and we were already to order. Boo-chan and I both decided on the Maguro Don (マグロ丼) or Tuna Bowl. It had two types of Maguro in it.

 photo 1

Our food came quickly. It included Crab Miso Soup (カニ味噌汁) and a small dish of pickles.

photo 5

Here’s a closer look at our Crab Miso Soup. The crab adds flavor to the broth. It was delish! I love miso soup because it’s so healthy and satisfying.

photo 9

The Maguro Don was half filled with negitoro, or tuna that is finely chopped. And the other half was succulent slices of tuna. I love gari (Japanese pickled ginger) which was placed in the center on top of the shiso leaf.  I mixed the wasabi with soy sauce and put it on my tuna. It was good!

photo 6

Boo-chan and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Customers were coming in and out of the place. I still can’t believe this lunch was only 850 yen (about $8.5 USD)!  Of course, I have had better tasting maguro, but considering the price and crab miso it was definitely worth it!

So glad we found this place today. It was tasty and cheap. What’s better then that.  What new places have you found recently? What kind of cheap restaurants do you frequent for lunch?

ms fancy pants tokyo & my sweets (stopped at Viron after lunch)


  • Uokan (魚貫)
  • 16-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Fri Lunch 11:30-15:00、Dinner 18:00-23:30
    Sat-Sun, Holidays 11:30~23:30
  • 03-3496-5002
  • (Japanese only)

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