review: Skinhyu Arbutin Premium Essence Mask Pack

I love the winter…..well not really, I am ready for spring to come. But I love the winter because not only can you eat delicious food but it gives me time to “fix” my skin from all the sun tanning, surfing and pool days I indulged in in the summer. I love to hit the beach and get a healthy glow—from the neck down that is. But no matter how much sunblock I put on, my face always get dark. So last summer I came across this new face mask by Skinhyu, Arbutin Premium Essence Mask Pack (アルブチン プレミアム エッセンス マスク パック).

So before we start, what exactly is arbutin?? Arbutin in a nutshell is a derivative of hydroquinine. It can be found in cranberries, blueberries, bearberry, pears and even wheat. It’s mainly used as a skin whitener to brighten sun spots, age spots, freckles, discoloration and liver spots.  Arbutin prevents the production of pigment cells, and enhances the breakdown of melanin. So I was definitely on board to try these new arbutin masks!

1. Skinhyu’s Arbutin Premium Essence Mask Pack- Front.  It reads: To youthful firm beautiful skin and translucent skin. And for those who want clear beautiful skin.  It also includes the following ingredients : collagen, hyaluronic acid, allantoin , aloe vera extract, and PGA and arbutin.
2. Back.  It reads: Your skin is penetrated from beneath which creates brighter skin. As it creates translucent skin, it also tightens pores and attains healthy skin by replenishing moisture in skin that has been exposed to UV rays.

photo 1 photo 2

1. The Directions- 3 Steps: ① After taking out and unfolding the mask, adjust it to your eyes first, then mouth and then adhere it to your entire face. ② Leave the mask on between 15-20 minutes. (If your skin feels dry, leave it on for 20minutes). ③ Peel the mask off slowly and rub in any excess serum into your face.

photo 3

1. After opening the package, you can see how much serum they put into package. After putting on the mask, all the excess went on to the tops of my hands–don’t want to be wasteful. tee hee hee.  2. The mask is thick and soaked in serum. You can see how moist and wet it is when i took it out of the package.

photo 1 photo 2

1. The mask fit my face perfectly. Since it’s winter and drier then normal I kept it on for a little over 20minutes.

photo 3
After peeling the mask off, my face was left super hydrated. I have used about twelve or so of these masks, and I feel my face is brighter (I like to change up my masks ever so often). I am not sure if it’s because I naturally get whiter in the winter with less sun explosure, or if the arbutin is truly working, but I would like to believe that it is. Although my one sunspot is STILL noticeable, I feel my face in general definitely looks whiter. Even Boo-chan commented on it. I do however have a strong skin regime in the winter, so with everything combined I think its working quite well. One mask might not make a huge difference, but after continual use, I am sure you will notice! So what sort of winter skin regime are you on?

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