girls lunch at Smokehouse

Every since Smokehouse restaurant opened in October 2013, I have been dying to go there. So finally RiRi and Mayu and I decided we would make our debut!

The restaurant is on the famous fashion back alley called Cat Street. It’s on the second floor, on top of  The Roastery (coffee shop). The atmosphere is so warm and cozy inside. I love the lighting, but its awful for taking pictures. They have an open style kitchen which was nice too.

photo 11 photo 13

Some of decor on the wall.
photo 12

So we were seated and were debating over what to order. So many yummy choices, but we all decided to order from the weekday lunch menu, which includes a small salad and Nozy original blend coffee.
photo 1 photo 2

The small salad wasn’t so small. It was small. It was surprisingly bigger then I had imagined.
photo 3

Mayu decided she wanted to go for something on the lighter side, and chose the Sandwich lunch. Today’s sandwich was a Double Smoked Bacon B.L.T. on Whole Wheat Bread. It came with french fries and potato salad.
photo 4

RiRi and I knew this restaurant was famous for their BBQ, so we both ordered the BBQ Plate Lunch. Today’s BBQ Plate was chicken and pork. It was served with corn bread and cole slaw. Yummy!

photo 5

There were 4 different type of BBQ sauce you could pair with your meat, Carolina Vinegar, Voodoo Hot , Porter Pepper and House Pit. I liked the Carlina Vinegar and the House Pit Sauce the best. But I tried them all. Each one has their own distinct flavor.
photo 6

Close up of my chicken leg. You can see the spices packed onto the meat.
photo 8

And next the pork. Slowly smoked to perfection.
photo 7
I love corn bread. But maybe the cornbread I have eaten in the states was all on the sweet side. This was good, but I wish it was just a tad bit sweeter–for my taste.
photo 10

I’m not a big coleslaw fan, so I wasn’t particularly interested in eating this. But I did tried it. It wasn’t bad, but I enjoyed my salad more then this.
photo 9

So we were all pretty full by the time our meal had ended. But we girls ALWAYS have room for dessert!!! We decided to order three–yes one for each of us, and share them.

First up to bat, the Banana Cream Pudding. It was good, but its no Magnolia’s. I guess I was expecting it to have a stronger banana taste. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it but it was a little different then what I was expecting.  It was a large portion and reminded me of America with the wafers.
photo 16

Next we had This Peanut Butter Pie. This tasted like a giant Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup with pie crust. My first reaction was this is sooooooo GOOD! But the more I ate, the more I realized you definitely need to share this because it’s so rich. The peanut butter gets a little bit overwhelming towards the end.
photo 17

Our last dessert, Chocolate Fudge Brownie with walnuts. I think this one was my favorite of the three. The brownie was way bigger then I imagined and it was warm and chocolatey and all around delicious.
photo 18

We picked away at our desserts and sipped on our pungent coffees. And yes, there are free coffee refills! So we relaxed and caught up on our lives.  This was such a yummy satisfying lunch. So where do you like to eat BBQ at? Do you like grilled BBQ or smoked BBQ  better?

ms fancy pants tokyo & mayu and riri
photo 14


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