lunch at Patina Stella

Ree-O and I were so excited when we spotted a new restaurant in Kamiyamacho while we walked to Shibuya.  PATINASTELLA (パティナステラ) is situated on the first floor of the newly built luxurious rental condominiums, Kamiyama Forrest.  We finally decided it was time to try it out!

I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It reminds me of being in America with its spacious bar and dining areas.  As you walk in you can see a great view of the open kitchen. We were quickly seated to our table. The waiter was so friendly and very informative. It rare to get that kind of service with Japanese staff.

photo 1 image-1

We wanted to order some drinks–but decided to lay off the alcohol. Ree-O had the Blood Orange Ginger non-alcoholic cocktails. Nothing on the menu immediately caught my eye, so the waiter called the bartender to our table. He asked me what type of  fruits I liked. I replied berries, so he made me a special drink with blackberries, strawberries and cranberries. It was the right amount of sweet with a pinch of sourness! Kanpai (Cheers)!

 photo 5

We decided on the Entree Course Menu. It’s a 4 course meal- appetizer, pasta, fish or meat, and dessert. It also comes with your choice of coffee or organic tea.

image-3 image-2

It was hard to decide what we wanted, and since it was Ree-O and my first visit we decided to share everything.  So we started the meal off with the Home Prepared Oiled Sardines and Asparagus Salad. I’m not a huge fan of sardines, but this was excellent. It was not overly fishy.

photo 1

photo 3

The Citrus Salad with Lemon Ricotta and Lime Chips. The presentation of both salads were beautiful. The Citrus Salad was good, but if I had to choose again, I would choose the Sardine salad.

photo 2

Then it was followed by the House Made Squid-Ink Tagliolini with Firefly Squid. The Squid Ink Tagliolini was fantastic. I love this type of pasta. The firefly squid was soft and very fitting. I also enjoyed the grilled bamboo shoots.

photo 5

Next we split the Roasted Butternut and Kabocha Squash Agnolotti with Roasted Hazelnuts. The Butternut and Kabocha Squash was a little on the sweet side so I felt the portion size was perfect. It was delicious, but I don’t think I could eat this as an entire entree.

photo 4

The bread here is divine and is served with olive oil. The American girl in me asked for some balsamic vinegar too.  I found that the bread was from one of my favorite French artisan boulangers, Gontran Cherrier (ゴントラン シェリエ). No wonder I ate so many pieces–tee hee hee.

photo 4

Now on to our Entrees. First is the Smoked and Grilled Lamb, Spiced Hamburger. The meat was tender and fabulous!

photo 3

photo 8

Followed by the Steamed Turbot and Chinese-Cabbage with Yuzumiso and White Wine Sauce. Both of these were delicious!

photo 6

photo 2

We ended this lovely meal with fabulous desserts!! We had the chocolate Torte with Vanilla Ice Cream I’m not a big on dark chocolate, but this was warm and so delicious.  I’m glad we split both desserts as this one was very rich! Sorry this just looks like a big black blob, but I promise it was yummy.

photo 4

And  on the lighter side we had the Strawberry Mousse with Lemon Jelly.  I loved the presentation of this! The strawberry mousse also came with Amao Strawberry Sorbet. It was refreshing.

photo 2

And to top it all off we chit-chatted and sipped on our herb teas. I had the Lemon Verbina Blend and Ree-O had Chamomile. It was a such wonderful relaxing lunch. The portions might look tiny but don’t be fooled you will leave with your belly full and gratefully satisfied. I found the lunch menu changes weekly. I will definitely be back again soon! So what new restaurants have you discovered recently? Any great finds?

ms fancy pants tokyo


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