dinner at Niku Dining Maru San

Boo-chan and I worked up an appetite after a day of shopping. We were craving meat. Usually that means we choose between yakiniku, steak, hamburg steak, shabu shabu, or korean pork bbq.  We couldn’t decide, so as we walked, we stumbled upon this newish restaurant and decided to give it a shot. It’s called Niku Dining Mar-San (肉ダイニング まーさん), which means meat dining in English. Perfect!

photo 25

They restaurant has a large counter and a feel booths in the back. We were seated at the counter and looked thru their menu. The staff encouraged us to try their Recommended Course of the Day, or Honjitsu no Omakase Course (本日のおまかせコース). So we order our drinks and thought, sure why not!

photo 1 photo 4

As our appetizer (お通し), we started with Ishigaki Roast Beef from Okinawa (沖縄県、石垣牛ローストビーフ).  The staff prepares and grills all meat in front of you on a lava stone from Mount Fuji (富士山の溶岩石).  The veggies are also grilled on a mesh grill.
photo 22

photo 6

As the meat is grilled to perfection they place on your serving dish. Here is one slice of the roast beef. There are two dipping sauces, one was tare and the other was soy sauce and wasabi.
photo 5

It also came with three types of pickled veggies for Boo-chan and I to share.
photo 3

Next we had thinly sliced pieces of seared Ishigaki beef sirloin from Okinawa (沖縄県, 石垣牛 サーロインの炙り). It was delicious and melted in your mouth.
photo 7

We also go to eat some yummy grilled veggies (焼き野菜), two mini eggplants (茄子), broad beans (そら豆) and a potato (じゃがいも). They provided us with Niku Miso (肉味噌), a sweet paste that is made with meat and miso paste. You put it on the veggies and its oh so good!! (Sorry its a bit blurry)

photo 8

photo 13

I love this Niku miso Paste! It’s so tasty!photo 10

We took a break from beef and moved on to Hachimantai Pork from Akita that was aged for two weeks (秋田県,八幡平ポーク 2週間熟成ベーコン).
photo 9

It was served in a mustard sauce. It was very tender.
photo 11

We were also give some fresh veggies to dip in the niku miso too
photo 12

Back to beef! Time for A5 Ranked Rump and Chateaubriand skewers of Kagoshima Beef and Ishigaki Beef (鹿児島牛、石垣牛(A5)のランプとシャトーブリアンの焼き串).
photo 14

photo 15

As a palate refresher we were served beef broth (お口直しのだし汁). I like this simple taste.
photo 16

It’s chicken time from Tokushima. Roasted thigh of an Awa Oniwatori served with Yuzu kosho (徳島県、阿波尾鶏のモモ塩焼き 、柚子こしょう)I know, the picture is blurry–sorry!
photo 17

Next we have Yamagata Beef Hormone from Yamagata (山形県、山形牛ホルモン)photo 19

It’s cooked in a dome.
photo 20

photo 21

We ended the course with Niku Soba with Ishigaki Beef (石垣牛の肉そば).
photo 23

This course was delicious. We got trie various kinds of meat from various places all over Japan. It was definitely satisfying. I was full, but Boo-chan wasn’t so we order some extra meat for him a la carte. I’m glad we found a new place to eat meat! Where do you like to eat meat? What type of meat do you like best?

ms fancy pants tokyo & my scary meat-eating face

  • Niku Dining Mar-San (肉ダイニング まーさん)
  • 17-5 Kamiyacho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
  • Everyday Lunch 12:00-14:30, Dinner 18:00~24:00
  • 03-6804-8329
  • http://mar-san.jp (Japanese Only)

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