lunch at Cicada

Ever since the TY Express restaurant, Cicada moved to the Aoyama/Omotesando area, I definitely frequent the restaurant more often. And I have to say I love their food! So when my mama and papa came to visit, I knew I wanted to take them there. So off to Cicada (シカダ).

It was still a bit chilly outside but we opted to sit on their terrace. It was bright, covered and warmly heated.  I already new that we were going to have the Lunch Course. It’s a three course meal. It comes with your choice of 1 tapas or mezze, 1 seafood or meat dish or weekly lunch, and 1 dessert or cheese. It’s served with ice tea, and finished with tour choice of cafe.

photo 1

We were served our warm bread that is made next door at Breadworks. All the bread is made on the property. It’s served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
photo 2

I decided to order my favorite, Moroccan Crab Cakes. These are to DIE for!! And the portions are huge–but I basically finished them all to myself, sharing a few bites with my parents. hahaha
photo 3

You can see all the crab meat packed inside. Its deliciously spicy and I could eat these any day!photo 6

My mama decided on the Greek Horiatiki Salad with Feta and Kalamata Olives. This salad was big, and I had some too. I loved the huge chunks of feta cheese and who doesn’t love kalamata olives.
photo 4

My papa had the Roasted Calamari Stuffed with Prosciutto. This was so delish.
photo 5

Inside the calamari.
photo 7

Now on two our main dishes.  This is also my absolute favorite–Pan-Roasted Scallops with Faro and Maitake Risotto. I love anything with scallops and this is no different!
photo 8

My mama chose the Grilled Moroccan Swordfish with Stuffed Roasted Pepper. She loved it.
photo 9

My papa ordered the Grilled Snapper with Clams and Herb 10

We were all getting so full, but now it’s on to the desserts!! I had the Pistachio Creme Brûlée. It’s also gigantic and I shared it with my parents, and we still couldn’t finish it all.
photo 11

My mama loves chocolate. So she couldn’t pass  up the Super Rich Warm Valrhona 70% Cacao Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Gelato. I snuck a bite and it was divine!
photo 13

My papa tried the Tirimisu. It was a good choice for him, as it wasn’t too sweet and definitely had more of an adult taste. I tried it, it wasn’t bad, but I don’t think I would order it on my own.  I like my desserts a tad bit sweeter. Go fig! hahaha.
photo 12

We ended our meal with our choice of cafe.  My mama and I went for the CICADA Original Moroccan Mint Tea. I love how flagrant this tea is. It definitely hits the spot.
photo 14

My dad, the coffee lover went for a hot Caffe latte.
photo 15

The meal was so relaxing and my parents really enjoyed it. We were completely full and needed to walk around for a couple of hours to settle our stomaches. Where do you like to go for a filling meal? What are favorite lunch spots?

ms fancy pants tokyo & a funny picture we saw later that day


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