dinner at Betterave Bistro Jiro

I love Betterave Bistro Jiro (ベトラーヴ ビストロ ジロー). I often come here for lunch, so if you missed my blog on lunching here, check it out! Bistro Jiro is a mix of Italian, French and Russian Cuisine. This was the first time I came here for dinner, so me, boo-chan and the rents were excited.


After we were seated, they explained that as there was one chef, each dish comes out one by one. So they recommended us to share everything. We were fine with that, because we could taste a variety of dishes together. The menu was brought out on a board. (Sorry forgot to snap a pic). We started with an appetizer–avocado and tuna tartare. It was great.
photo 1

Next, came out the Squid Ink Risotto. I love the state of squid ink, but I hate how it makes my mouth and teeth turn black. Although this tastes excellent, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are on a date. hahaha
photo 2

Our butter roasted fish with capers was excellent (I don’t know the name of the fish in English, アクアパッツァ). I usually don’t like to look at a whole fish, especially with the face and eyes, but it can be overlooked when it tastes this good. photo 3

As many of you might know, I love scallops!!! So I had to order this dish. The scallops were thick and juicy. It also came with tons of veggies. It was delish. My only complaint is I prefer my scallops with out the coral (orange area around the scallop) but I when it is served that way,the scallops are fresh.

photo 4

Continuing with seafood, we had the Grilled Perch. I have actually had this before during lunch time, so I knew it was good. It was seasoned with fresh herbs, balsamico, pesto and tomato sauce.

photo 5

And it was finally onto meat!! We had pork roast. The meat was tender and tasted excellent. photo 6

With any great meal it doesn’t stop with just the food,  it was time to bring out the desserts! First we split the Baked Cheese Cake with Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce. This wasn’t too sweet but it was creamy.
photo 7

We also had to try the creme brûlée.  It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside–just the way I like it.
photo 8

The food was excellent. And we didn’t mind waiting for every dish to come out. It gave us ample time to enjoy our wine and talk leisurely. If you are starving or in a hurry, this is not the restaurant for you. I recommend this restaurant at both lunch and dinner! The food is amazing.  So where do you like to have slow dinners at? Do you like family style or you want your separate plate to eat?

ms fancy pants tokyo & my napkin after the squid ink risotto

  • Betterave Bistro Jiro (ベトラーヴ ビストロ ジロー)
  • 1-10-5  Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
    Park Side Kogure
  • Mon-Sun, Holiday Lunch 12:00-15:00, Dinner 17:30-24:00
  • 03-5790-9466

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