anniversary dinner @ Pierre Gagnaire

Today is mine and Boo-chan’s 4th Anniversary! And since I’m pregnant now, it will be our last anniversary as a couple–next year we will be a family of three! So we decided to go to Pierre Gagnaire (ピエール・ガニェール) in ANA Intercontinental Hotel.

We had fabulous seats in front of the window with a great view of Tokyo Tower. Unfortunately,  it’s hard to get  pic with us and the background as the lighting is dim and our seats are faced toward the window. We decided on the Esprit de Pierre Gagnaire course which included  Appetizier / Appetizier / Appetizier / Fish / Meat / 5Desserts / Coffee / Petit Fours.

photo 1-5 photo 2-5

To begin with toasted to 4 years. I had non-alcoholic sparkling wine: 1688 Grand Rose, and Boo-chan had a glass of champagne.
photo 1-3

I love their bread here. I could fill up on bread alone–carbs are my bff! The butter looks like a macaron.
photo 3-3 photo 2-3

There were a variety of cocktail bites, which were small, yummy and cute.
photo 3-5 photo 4-5 photo 5-4 photo 4-3 photo 5-2 photo 3-1 photo 2-4 photo 1-1
photo 4-4

As the course progressed the dishes became more delectable.  On to the fish: Sea bass pave with noisette butter, yuzu flavored red beets sauce with autumn veggies. I love beets and brussel sprouts. You can rarely eat them or find them in Tokyo. So it was a pleasant surprise.
photo 5

You can’t see the bottom but it’s marinated sea scallops and swordfish with muscat wine and lemon jelly, topped with salmon roe. 
photo 1-6

Next comes the meat: Rack of lamb marinated with vadouvan masala spices, trumpet mushrooms mouse with Macvin and octopus brûlée. This was so delicious.
photo 2-6
Time to zoom in. And YES, it tasted as good as it looks!photo 4-6

And it ends with grilled crunchy polenta and “sketch’ up” original sauce.
photo 3-6

I was so full and extremely satisfied with all the food. I had completely forgotten about dessert. An anniversary plate came out. It had 5 little sweets on the plate. I thought this was the prefect size because I had no more room to eat.
photo 3-2

Then all of a sudden the waiter surprises us. One of our closest friends, Ree-O decided to present us with a beautiful cake celebrating our anniversary too.
photo 1-2

And to top it all off, 5 large plates of desserts came out one after another. It was not five for the both of us to share, it was FIVE for each of us. Our entire table was filled with sweets! I was so happy these desserts were suited more for adults, so they weren’t overly sweet.
photo 3
photo 2

photo 4-2photo 5-1

photo 1

I didn’t think I had room to finish everything but I actually did.  So did boo-chan. After I had a nice hot cup of tea and Boo-chan had coffee.  We chatted happily as we tried to settle our stomaches.
photo 4

Everything was so good–from the view, atmosphere, service and especially all the food! We were left completely satisfied and in a major food coma! For those of you who will come here, don’t forget to save room for dessert! Dessert is a 5 course meal in itself! Tomorrow my diet will begin—oh wait I’m pregnant, no need! hahaha. Where have you celebrated your anniversaries at?

ms fancy pants tokyo & boo-chan & our yummy cake
photo 2-2


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