halloween @ Pariya

Who loves halloween? I do I do!! This is my third halloween party I have hosted at Pariya. This is one of my favorite holidays. There’s something about dressing up that makes me feel like a kid again. I wish I had some candy corn–hahaha.

This year, since I went to Kauai and Maui with Mr T a couple weeks back, so we bought our costumes there. We managed to find some good ones for ourselves and our men! Fab food four! Good thing this hamburger costume hides my pregnant belly!
Halloween is getting bigger and crazier in Japan every year. It can be celebrated usually for two weekends- the one before and after. My halloween party usually draws about 140 guests. Here are some of the pics!
1395277_10152351968261389_3387623349829490118_n 10678728_10152351968356389_5007413926206287153_n
10336681_10152351968221389_5549006021123766253_n 1979700_10152352477866389_3620933629581551413_n

10245365_10152352023081389_1970431622151444397_n 10357111_10152352717476389_4471220559268518693_n

1013757_10152351968286389_502351272946940538_n 10710984_10152352001196389_7628916097635984022_n

10388101_10152352477911389_7647370754360682893_n 10300082_10152351969261389_3614521087759412204_n

10431564_10152352477671389_9215203384971331264_n 10418332_10152353004781389_2981209539465983586_n

10418367_10152351968806389_2028707923743595873_n 10513375_10152352477766389_645230360752923201_n

10308434_10152351969211389_4241894582197183251_n 10660228_10152351968846389_5155073602213748632_n

10410851_10152351968671389_3310749170747079207_n 10153015_10152351968466389_2573223439006986972_n

522048_10152352477546389_6957529843535212319_n 10359559_10152352001166389_3905408295495649075_n

10659198_10152353004701389_7268846225994629110_n 10557280_10152352477706389_7072915446277998030_n

1016623_10152351968646389_4073670285961072766_n 524126_10152351968551389_7519701563011002876_n

10702049_10152351968496389_1796039167081443198_n 1012065_10152351969286389_7210055533686076857_n

1507002_10152352477466389_5681280484096138284_n 1012074_10152352717431389_2681110071859472149_n

I know many western holidays are brought to Japan, and I am sure glad this one has caught on. Costumes used to be hard to find here, but now they are becoming more and more available too. I’m so used to halloween being synonymous with “slut-o-ween”, but this year I think people went for funny/interesting costumes rather than sexy skimpy ones. Wonder what it will be like next year? So, what will you be for halloween?

ms fancy pants tokyo hamburger & boo-chan hot dog

  • Pariya
  • 3-12-14 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1F MAKO Kita-Aoyama Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
  • 03-3409-8468
  • http://pariya.jp

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