dinner at Yasai Mura Daichi

As we love Korean food, Boo-chan and I decided that we wanted to check out Akasaka’s Yasai Mura Daichi (やさい村 大地 本店) which is a samgyeopsal specialty shop. For those who don’t know what samgyeopsal is, it’s grilled pork belly. The pork belly is usually thinly sliced and fatty, and looks similar to bacon–but tastes way better. hahaha. Our friend Juniper tagged along too.

We all ordered the all you can eat and drink course. Which includes 28 different types of leafy greens to wrap around the grilled pork, different cuts of pork, rice, side dishes, and soft drinks and alcohol.

1. Inside the restaurant. Eat table has a grill in the center with stools all around. To keep the restaurant smoke-free there are vents that suck up all the smoke that are placed above the grills.  2. An explanation of some of the different greens you can eat. At the bottom they also explain how to eat roll the meat and veggies, and which different veggies you can eat together to make a delicious combo.
image 3 image 2

They brought our drinks–beer and cassis soda and the waiter began to cook our meat! They also brought out all the side dishes like different types of kimchi, onions to wrap with the meat, sesame oil to dip the meat in, garlic slices, all the fresh veggies to wrap the meat in.
image 5

A closer look at the veggies! Crisp, fresh and delish!
image 4

The waiter grills the meat in front of us, and puts the cooked meat around the edges of the grill for us to grab anytime. The mean is first cooked in blocks but then is sliced up into small bite sized pieces.
image 8
image 6
image 7
All the meat and veggies are unlimited, which is dangerous because you always end up eating more then usual. But don’t fill up all the way, because at the end you get your choice of 1. sundubu jjigae–which is a hot soup with tofu, seafood and a raw egg yolk on top, or  2. naengmyeon (cold noodles in chilled broth). We ordered both.
image 9
image 10
I love eating here. It’s so good and definitely satisfies my korean cravings. The veggies are so fresh and the meat is tender. The only thing I would be careful about is getting full on drinks–since alcohol is included. I think I would rather eat my calories then drink them! Hahaha. I definitely recommend this place for anyone who wants to have a healthy dinner filled with greens.

ms fancy pants tokyo & juniper & boo-chan
image 11

  • Yasai Mura Daichi Main Branch (やさい村 大地 本店)
  • 3-16-4  Akasaka DMK Bldg 2F, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • Mon-Sat 17:00-03:00, Sun/Holidays 17:00-23:00
  • 03-3568-2230
  • http://www.yasaimura-daichi.jp

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