stop light party @Pariya

Once again the new year has rolled around as quick as ever! And that means that our annual New Years Party is here! Since I had heard of couples meeting,  and getting married at my parties, I decided to have a party geared for singles. But of course all singles or people that are taken are welcome!!

The theme is a Stop Light Party–you might know the drill. You are required to wear something green-if you are single and ready to mingle
yellow- if it’s complicated
red- if you are taken

I always forget to take pics of the food. But this time I semi-remembered.
This is part of the deli section and some finger food
988933_10152528612321389_6685379440575404757_n 10933850_10152528612176389_8239155510927387372_n
dessert time–gelato and cupcakes!
10915223_10152528611861389_6044965493696578274_n 10351252_10152528611771389_6861198380948188578_n
the decorations are simple
And now onto the party pics!
10931452_10152533312756389_4056428593011086457_n 10699_10152533313316389_8231136976622096407_n
10712998_10152528618056389_7608239485114790735_n 10922504_10152533313076389_3715447674686839698_n

10801755_10152529033826389_1942752803740056460_n 10923583_10152529033701389_641197261610803539_n

10527260_10152528624686389_3125953693547058338_n 10929021_10152528624621389_2933615828214742524_n

10929145_10152533313186389_4145001297782156660_n 10407779_10152529592671389_5483961866229754931_n

10930919_10152529371086389_2558005046933431771_n 10933792_10152529592596389_7801095565199111375_n

10897104_10152528617756389_6115483795863261137_n 10940441_10152528618321389_5850368745882062389_n

10941865_10152528618251389_654000669364380251_n 10564995_10152528653486389_3893154385479061565_n

1939605_10152528617556389_8920253264456676832_n 10940587_10152528618171389_6962299469473138247_n

1939629_10152529592406389_6533040634020546441_n 10915236_10152528617901389_198094090698708133_n

10922529_10152529033661389_6570768413473839703_n 10426088_10152529592511389_8949558360738333699_n
10917840_10152528618026389_8508474630032354824_n 1488147_10152528617496389_4381497739242440472_n
10606123_10152529033556389_3327690233184371542_n 10929563_10152533313051389_5660252370726200091_n

10806418_10152528624506389_1915036603362958909_n 10929152_10152533312926389_6184532294187610470_n
Hopefully, there will be some matches at this party with 90 guests. Have you ever been to a singles party? What was it like? This wasn’t a real singles party but its an easy way to see who is single and who isn’t. Seemed like there were hardly any people wearing yellow. hahahha.

ms fancy pants tokyo & green green red
(dress: Nanette Lepore, cardigan: J Crew

  • Pariya
  • 3-12-14 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku Tokyo
  • 1F MAKO Kita-Aoyama Bldg
  • Mon-Sun 11:30-23:00
  • 03-3409-8468

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