shower baby sakuma with love

So the count down till Baby Sakuma arrives has begun. About one month to go. Mr T–my super generous nice bff decided to host my Tokyo baby shower at his lovely home. In Japan it’s a rare occasion to have a house party as Japanese homes are relatively small and people are embarrassed to have guests over. So I feel lucky Mr T has opened up his home to celebrate me and Baby Sakuma.

I’m not one for strict traditions, so I decided I wanted to invite guys to my baby shower too. And of course Boo-chan would be there too. Mr T is a fabulous cook and made all the desserts himself. Just check out this spread: chewy rice crispy treats, a beautiful cake, rich chocolate cake pops, and sweet strawberry popcorn!
He also made crispy chocolate chip cookies and served them with shots of milk. Such a clever idea! And I had no idea that his cake had three layers!  It was so moist and scrumptious and followed the color theme of pink-strawberry cheesecake, black-chocolate and white-vanilla mouse. So cute and thoughtful.
10353188_10152567442946389_7551209114637556426_n 10989302_10152567442811389_1685827717446313793_n-1
Since Mr T slaved away making all the awesome desserts, we decided to order these gourmet Burgers from Brozers (ブラザーズ 人形町店). They came in cute little individual box lunches with french fries and onion rings.  I was a bit skeptical at first, but after taking one bite into this mouthwatering juicy hamburger, I was sold!
1780898_10152567442201389_7741803895796114846_n 10947318_10152567442326389_8719281097441662128_n
Everyone enjoying their yummy burgers! The above picture doesn’t show how truly big they are, but you can see in the pics below!
10986685_10152567442396389_5790267921802606506_n 10968486_10152567442551389_2624598696663147675_n
10422346_10152567442506389_8414814297698371898_n 10983192_10152567442601389_682458858392187920_n
My friend K-taro also brought so many cakes from the Gourmet Shop at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. They were all delicious–yes I ate one of each! Well I should rephrase that–Baby Sakuma and I had one of each. hahahaha
10984062_10152567443091389_8539638139644941255_n 10177939_10152568297221389_2837865557415053799_n
All my guests wrote heartfelt or funny messages and put it into a book for me. And who can forget all the gifts I received! I have the NICEST friends ever. Baby Sakuma will surely be one stylish little girl!
10990026_10152568298176389_2327958593267727102_n-1 10491077_10152567443291389_1470725847373590888_n-1
10955775_10152568297521389_9097575997860550807_n 10450147_10152568297401389_2951202903340944076_n
10959512_10152567442026389_1735820875715096207_n 10650035_10152567442071389_1159524747901141322_n
10920951_10152567569941389_8215009363830550123_n 10958570_10152567442691389_8682249724123025813_n

10489669_10152567441916389_1978751797340576800_n 1513720_10152567442141389_1858180156097355040_n
10325349_10152567443236389_3370972450683633867_n 10488035_10152567569846389_8301465366145745395_nWe also created a little Photo Booth to take many pictures.
10968338_10152567769351389_7335264654822770386_n 10422366_10152567769391389_2144864664251663792_n
10009849_10152567769471389_5901279597818965971_n 10898117_10152568297341389_9087280409022550_n
10488193_10152567569711389_3714585365100798296_n 10269374_10152567769726389_479521649852615125_n
10985242_10152567443031389_6560797193818183203_n 10408542_10152568330291389_6303842431694359691_n

10986912_10152568330151389_6176530910462827108_n 10922829_10152567769506389_5322397968840812011_n
I’m one lucky girl to be surrounded by so many loving supportive friends! Baby Sakuma, Boo-chan and I appreciate each and everyone one of you: near and far, absent or present, we felt all the love today!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Today was truly a special and memorable day!!

ms fancy pants tokyo & the best host ever!!
(dress: Z Spoke by Zac Posen, cardigan: Prada, necklace: J Crew)


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