lunch @ Cicada

My parents and I love Cicada, and they always request to go here when they come to visit Tokyo. Since Baby Sakuma is still only 2 weeks old, my mama and I decided to have a mother-daughter lunch date, while my dad watches the baby. I was so excited to have mother-daughter time.

Every time I dine here, I always think to order something different yet I always end up ordering the same thing–go fig! All the courses are served with tropical ice tea and with freshly baked bread from Breadworks.

Here is my favorite appetizer: Morrocan Crab Cakes! These really are so delish. They are spicy and the sauce is tangy, which is the perfect combination. I would recommend these to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.
photo 1-1
My mama loves the Greek Horiatiki Salad with Feta and Kalamata Olives. It’s really big, so I snagged a few bites. I love the feta cheese. I ate some of it with their freshly baked bread.
photo 2-1
Next came our main dishes. My regular: Pan-Roasted Scallops with Faro and Maitake Risotto. Anyone who knows me, know I love scallops! This dish is fabulous, it combines all the things I love:mushrooms, scallops and cheese.
photo 3-1
I know my mom always goes for the healthy choice with Grilled Snapper with Rosemary and Olives. Although its healthy its still very VERY tasty and packed full of flavor.
photo 4

We end our course with dessert! We both agreed on the same dish- the Super Rich Warm Valrhona 70% Cacao Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Gelato. 70% cacao means healthy right? hahaha. This was warm and rich. Another words it was happiness on a plate!
photo 1

After devouring our desserts, we end the meal with Moroccan Mint Tea and a Cafe Latte. You may get free refills on any of the drinks, and you can even with them too. It’s a nice service! I love the mint tea, it makes we warm and relaxed.
photo 2

I love spending quality time with my mama and I can’t wait till Baby Sakuma and I can have mother daughter time too. Better yet, all three generations spending time together! Bonding over excellent food–does it get any better?

FYI **To bring babies/kids to Cicada you have to book a private room–3000 yen for weekday lunch, 5,000 yen for weekend lunch, and 10,000 for dinner. I understand that parties with kids/babies need to use a private room in consideration to other guests however charging them extra to use the room is a little ridiculous, in my opinion.** (I’m still learning all the ins and outs of having a baby in Tokyo. Sometimes it seems you are penalized for having a child. No wonder the birth rate is so low)

ms fancy pants tokyo & my mama
photo 3


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