birthday lunch @ Patina Stella

So it’s been about three weeks since Baby Sakuma was born, and it’s already my birthday now! Wow how time flies. My friend RiRi decided she wanted to take out to a beautiful birthday lunch. She knows how much I love Patina Stella and she had never been there before so she booked a table, and off we went!

I never get tired of eating here because the menu changes weekly. This week they were having an Alaskan Seafood Fair. As I love seafood I was so excited! We started with champagne toast. This was the first time I had champagne in about 10 months! Was so excited to drink, until I realized that I can’t hold alcohol anymore, and my face immediately turned red–so sorry no pics! hahaha.

To begin our course, this small chilled soup in a shot glass.
photo 2

I ordered the Salad of Smoke Salmon and Salmon Roe Fregola. This was also the first time I had salmon since I was pregnant. It was so delicious and matched the fregola salad. This was the first time I had fregola and it reminded me of a larger version of couscous.
photo 3
Then I ordered the King Crab and Squid Ink Tagliolini. This was fantastic. I have had this before with squid instead of crab. But every thing tastes better with crab–let’s just say I love crab! And I love thicker noodles so tagliolini is always a fav of mine. This was oh-so-good!
photo 4

And for our main dish, we had meat of course (you have a choice of meat or fish)! RiRi likes to call us niku girls! Niku means meat in Japanese. hahaha.
photo 1-1

Maria surprised me with a birthday cake too!
photo 2-1 11025188_10155301207020150_7072564256990591503_n
After making a wish and blowing out the candles they cut the cake in half and served it with some sorbet. Although we were full we both devoured it! It was so yummy. The cake was moist yet airy and the whip cream was light and not overly sweet.
photo 3-1
Then we ended are lovely lunch with hot cups of lemon verbena tea with a small chocolate truffle and candied fruit jelly.
photo 4-1

This was such a nice relaxing birthday lunch with one of my good friends. I needed a small break from the baby to enjoy great food and great company. Where do you like to go to celebrate your birthday?

ms fancy pants tokyo & RiRi & my birthday cake
(dress: M Missoni, cardigan: Prada)


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