how to wear a scarf

Spring is here–YES!! Except everyone once in a while a freezing wintery day creeps up on us in Tokyo. But as the weather warms up, heavy duty clothes are finally getting packed away. Somedays are too warm for a jacket but too cool to go without a scarf. In the spring, scarves are not just […]

2013 spring accessories

So now that you know the latest spring trends (in case you missed it  2013 spring trends), I wanted to get into accessories for the season. You don’t wanna miss these 10 trends–jewelry, sunglasses, bags and shoes galore!  1. Statement Sunglasses: There have been statement rings, and bags, now its time for the statement sunglasses!! […]

2013 spring trends

I love the spring! I can’t wait for it to hurry and come, so I can pack my heavy wool coats, down jackets, cashmere sweaters, and everything else bulky and warm. Here’s a quick guide to 10 essentials you’ll want and need for spring. 1. Black and White: When you think of spring, you might […]

east coast vs west coast

When i hear east coast vs west coast I automatically think of Tupac and Biggie-hahaha…. But this is something totally different. While I was at the gym, the mag that I wanted to read was already taken so I decided to read the March edition of this Japanese mag called Classy. According to their website–it’s […]