shower baby sakuma with love

So the count down till Baby Sakuma arrives has begun. About one month to go. Mr T–my super generous nice bff decided to host my Tokyo baby shower at his lovely home. In Japan it’s a rare occasion to have a house party as Japanese homes are relatively small and people are embarrassed to have […]

maternity pictures @ Happy Birth Photo Studio

I first thought I didn’t need or want to take any maternity pictures. But after seeing my friend’s pictures, I decided I wanted to take them too. It was hard to find a studio that I liked as I already had an image of what I wanted. Luckily, I found Happy Birth Photo Studio (ハッピーバースフォトスタジオ 表参道店) in Omotesando. I […]

stop light party @Pariya

Once again the new year has rolled around as quick as ever! And that means that our annual New Years Party is here! Since I had heard of couples meeting,  and getting married at my parties, I decided to have a party geared for singles. But of course all singles or people that are taken […]

keeping a little secret inside….

So recently, I have been keeping a little secret inside…. Yup, a baby is on the way!  Time to watch out, I’m officially eating for two now! Hope this new edition will bring lots of laughs, new adventures, and will add to all of my loves! xxxo, ms fancy pants tokyo & the life changing […]