lunch @ Cicada

My parents and I love Cicada, and they always request to go here when they come to visit Tokyo. Since Baby Sakuma is still only 2 weeks old, my mama and I decided to have a mother-daughter lunch date, while my dad watches the baby. I was so excited to have mother-daughter time. Every time I […]

stop light party @Pariya

Once again the new year has rolled around as quick as ever! And that means that our annual New Years Party is here! Since I had heard of couples meeting,  and getting married at my parties, I decided to have a party geared for singles. But of course all singles or people that are taken […]

favorite t-shirt party @ Pariya

I like to throw parties periodically throughout the year. Each party I throw has a different theme. This one was wear your Favorite T-Shirt Party! The shirt doesn’t necessarily need to be your actual favorite, but something that is funny or interesting. June in Japan is the rainy season. People get lazy and don’t want […]

lunch at Cicada

Ever since the TY Express restaurant, Cicada moved to the Aoyama/Omotesando area, I definitely frequent the restaurant more often. And I have to say I love their food! So when my mama and papa came to visit, I knew I wanted to take them there. So off to Cicada (シカダ). It was still a bit […]