dinner at Betterave Bistro Jiro

I love Betterave Bistro Jiro (ベトラーヴ ビストロ ジロー). I often come here for lunch, so if you missed my blog on lunching here, check it out! Bistro Jiro is a mix of Italian, French and Russian Cuisine. This was the first time I came here for dinner, so me, boo-chan and the rents were excited. […]

dinner at Cinagro (Seibu Department Store)

My Mama and I were having a girls shopping day in Shibuya. The weather was rainy, so we knew we wanted to be inside. We headed to Seibu Department Store. We had walked so much we getting tired, and wanted to eat something light.  So we headed to the basement to an organic restaurant called Cinagro Oraganic […]