lunch @ Yojiya Cafe

My mama and I were out shopping in Hikarie (ヒカリエShinQs)  in Shibuya (渋谷), and were in the basement looking at cosmetics when we stumbled upon Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ). I recognized it from the mascot of the ladies face. Yojiya is most famous for its oil blotting papers or aburatorigami in Japanese. It have bought and […]

shin maru biru birthday dinner @ so tired

Sorry for the long delay–let’s just say I was SUPER busy! My apologies, but I’m back!! Anyways, all I have to say is I am blessed with the best of friends!! Last Wednesday was my birthday, and since Boo-chan couldn’t get off work early, Mr T and Fee didn’t want me to be at home […]

happy birthday boo-chan (part 1 lunch at ukai-tei)!

  So Boo-chan’s birthday was on Sunday (Feb 24), but since he was extremely busy with work we had to celebrate two days later. Yesterday, I planned a day of indulgence. Our first stop was the 5th floor of the Gyre Building, Ukai-tei (うかい亭) in Omotesando (表参道). Ukai Tei is an impressive teppanyaki restaurant that […]