lunch @ Yojiya Cafe

My mama and I were out shopping in Hikarie (ヒカリエShinQs)  in Shibuya (渋谷), and were in the basement looking at cosmetics when we stumbled upon Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ). I recognized it from the mascot of the ladies face. Yojiya is most famous for its oil blotting papers or aburatorigami in Japanese. It have bought and […]

lunch @ L’Ateliere de Joel Robuchon

Ms H and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch at  L’Ateliere de Joel Robuchon(ラトリエ ドゥ ジョエル・ロブション) in Roppongi Hills. I hadn’t been here in a really long time so I was excited to go. We sat at the long counter. I love the feel of this modern French restaurant. It’s cool with its black and […]

lunch at Patina Stella

Ree-O and I were so excited when we spotted a new restaurant in Kamiyamacho while we walked to Shibuya.  PATINASTELLA (パティナステラ) is situated on the first floor of the newly built luxurious rental condominiums, Kamiyama Forrest.  We finally decided it was time to try it out! I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It reminds […]

girls lunch at TY Harbor

I love all the TY Express Restaurants. So I was so glad that Nancy invited me to lunch at TY Harbor Brewery. I rarely make it out here because it’s a little far from my house. But once in a while its fun to dine here. The restaurant was once a warehouse, but now is a […]

family lunch@kisoji

Yesterday I had a family obligation in Nerima, and after it was over, we all ate lunch at Kisoji (木曽路). It was crowded with many families celebrating their children entering schools (入学) or new companies (入社). We usually go there for big family get togethers, this time we were a party of 12. Kisoji is a […]