lunch @ Yojiya Cafe

My mama and I were out shopping in Hikarie (ヒカリエShinQs)  in Shibuya (渋谷), and were in the basement looking at cosmetics when we stumbled upon Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ). I recognized it from the mascot of the ladies face. Yojiya is most famous for its oil blotting papers or aburatorigami in Japanese. It have bought and […]

lunch @eat, sweets @good days

Mr T, Fee and I decided to go to lunch at Hikarie. After lunch,  I wanted to buy a birthday present so Hikarie seemed like the best choice. We checked out the dining floors on 6 and 7.  I like the food at EAT (イー・エー・ティー 渋谷ヒカリエ店) because it’s simple and yet tasty. They have burgers […]

paella and strawberry millefeuille

iYesterday was “Fatty Girl Friday “–meaning time to eat more tantalizing food (well actually that might be everyday for me)!! hahahah. Had a fun lunch date with Nancy in Shibs (渋谷 Shibuya) and we went to Hikarie (渋谷ヒカリエ) again (last time we came here too). We decided we want to try all the cafes and restaurants here–obviously […]

lunch at Pan Table Cafe La Lobros

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my friends in the hood–Shibuya (渋谷). I met nancy through one of my good friends (K-co) from university and it turns out we have many friends in common, and Mimi is K-co’s super cute younger sister. Jus saw Mimi last month in Vegas, and now she was visiting […]