lunch @ Yojiya Cafe

My mama and I were out shopping in Hikarie (ヒカリエShinQs)  in Shibuya (渋谷), and were in the basement looking at cosmetics when we stumbled upon Yojiya Cafe (よーじやカフェ). I recognized it from the mascot of the ladies face. Yojiya is most famous for its oil blotting papers or aburatorigami in Japanese. It have bought and […]

birthday lunch @ Patina Stella

So it’s been about three weeks since Baby Sakuma was born, and it’s already my birthday now! Wow how time flies. My friend RiRi decided she wanted to take out to a beautiful birthday lunch. She knows how much I love Patina Stella and she had never been there before so she booked a table, […]

lunch at Patina Stella

Ree-O and I were so excited when we spotted a new restaurant in Kamiyamacho while we walked to Shibuya.  PATINASTELLA (パティナステラ) is situated on the first floor of the newly built luxurious rental condominiums, Kamiyama Forrest.  We finally decided it was time to try it out! I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It reminds […]

hole in the wall italian–restaurant vino

Last night I was in Yokohama with B00-chan and his family and we had a late night dinner. We couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat, so Boo-chan’s dad suggested this hole in the wall Italian place behind the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium, called Restaurant Vino (レストラン ヴィーノ). It’s nice because it’s open really late–till […]

weekend lunching at 2031, desserts at hokkaido milk cafe

Yesterday i hit the gym in the morning again–hopefully this will somehow turn into a weekend habit. So after the gym I met Ree-O for lunch in  Kamiyamacho (神山町). There are so many different restaurants in Kamiyamacho which connects Yoyogi Hachiman (代々木八幡)/ Yoyogi Kouen (代々木公園) and Shibuya (渋谷). I have tried more than a few, […]