birthday lunch @ Patina Stella

So it’s been about three weeks since Baby Sakuma was born, and it’s already my birthday now! Wow how time flies. My friend RiRi decided she wanted to take out to a beautiful birthday lunch. She knows how much I love Patina Stella and she had never been there before so she booked a table, […]

anniversary dinner @ Pierre Gagnaire

Today is mine and Boo-chan’s 4th Anniversary! And since I’m pregnant now, it will be our last anniversary as a couple–next year we will be a family of three! So we decided to go to Pierre Gagnaire (ピエール・ガニェール) in ANA Intercontinental Hotel. We had fabulous seats in front of the window with a great view of […]

lunch at Ukibukuro

Ree-O and I were craving something on the healthier side. So what better, then to eat fish at Ukibukuro (鰾/うきぶくろ). They receive fresh fish and seafood daily from Tsukiji Fish Market.  You can order grilled (焼き魚), steamed (煮る) or raw fish (刺身), along with a variety of seafood and donburis (丼). They only serve lunch on the […]